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Love and Forgiveness for Healing Aching Hearts

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Love and forgiveness

In the Disney Star Wars series, Mandalorian, the Mandalorian motto is, “It is the way.” Here, on planet earth, Love and Forgiveness Is the Way.

No one has all the answers. No one way is the way for all. But you can never go wrong with love and forgiveness.

For we — the human family — are all growing up together on the screen of this world wide web that can be both wonderful and awful. Just like us. Just like humanity.

“True forgiveness is when you can say, ‘Thank you for that experience.’”
Oprah Winfrey

It Can Take a Lifetime… or a Moment

It can take a lifetime to build a good reputation and a moment to ruin it… or one wrong choice, as we’ve seen too many times in the news.

It’s always sad to see people we’ve followed or even admired get caught and exposed for wrongdoings. 

It’s easy to forget that being good at something or being an acclaimed actor or influencer doesn’t mean an unblemished human being. We’re all in the journey of becoming through trial and error, mistakes and victories… through shadow and light. And we all have that.

“Humanity is the bridge between animal and angel.
We are human animals… and human angels.
In between is the chasm of struggle,
Whenever there is struggle we are in that in-between.”
~LeAura Alderson, writer, editor, creator ®

Love and forgiveness-HUMANITY is the BRIDGE between the lower and the higher, the animal and angel. In between is the struggle. between animal kingdom and angelic
Image by beate bachmann from Pixabay

To Forgive is to Love… and to Love is to Forgive

If we wish to be forgiven, we must also forgive. If we wish for love, we need only love. In loving others we have love too for we are swept up in the current of love.

Love is one thing — that given away — remains with you. 

Remember also, to love and forgive yourself too.

The More We Give

The more love we give, the more love we have. Love is our most renewable resource for it is in every atom of existence. We need only set it in motion and watch it grow.

Loving those who’ve hurt us is the mark of a mature soul, a virtue that brings greater love for all. 

Hard to do? Of course! Until we remember that only a hurt or closed heart can hurt… that evil is the absence of love, and that no matter the ugliness of another, if that is not who and how we wish to be, then we do not match another’s negativity or negative behavior, for then that is also us… who we are in the moment. Best to multiply the good moments.

For “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”

The Best Place to Live

Compassion and Love, Gratitude and Joy are vastly better places to live than resentment and victim, and hurt and despair. Those are bad neighborhoods.

When we rise above the hurt through love, understanding and compassion… our life is transformed.

The Dinotopia books by James Gurney and subsequent movie, were favorites in our family when our kids were younger. We rewatched the Dinotopia movie many times over the year, and would again today, should we decide to watch it. There were many memorable parts and lines. Several of those are in this simple yet profound, ‘Code of Dinotopia.’


“Survival of all or none.
One raindrop raises the sea.
Weapons are enemies even to their owners.

Give more, take less.
Others first, self last.
Observe, listen, and learn.
Do one thing at a time.

Sing every day.
Exercise imagination.
Eat to live, don’t live to eat.”

~James Gurney, illustrator, author of Dinotopia books & Film
The Code of Dinotopia - "One drop raises the sea." "One drop raises the ocean." Dinotopia series by James Gurney.


For the hurts you’ve endured, know that on the other side of injury, is Love.

We can break free of the quicksand of pain…of those tangled roots that would trap us in the mire. Instead, we can step onto the boat of freedom to the shores of Love carried on the current of forgiveness. There on those glorious shores is love growing in abundance.

There we learn that WE ARE LOVE… that all that is good and true and right is Love… is divinity and that enmity cannot coexist within us with Love.

Enmity and animosity cannot coexist within us with Love. Choose Love… choose Love… choose Love.

“Love is forgiveness and forgiveness is freedom.
Free yourself from the chains that bind you to the pain of the past.”
~LeAura Alderson,, coauthor-Gratitude Journal

She Pulled Me Off Course. Not!

“She pulled me of course” was my first thought.

It was an email invitation from someone to attend an astrological symposium.  

I didn’t recognize, nor had I previously received email from her. I wondered how I got on the list and who she was, so I visited her website, then her “About”, then read the family astrological information for my family members.

Ten minutes later, I clicked off with the thought, “What am I doing?! This is not what I’m supposed to be doing!!!”

“She pulled me of course.” 

Immediately followed by, “No, I chose to entertain that diversion.” It was not necessary, nor was it a part of my goals for the day.

So I reframed it, without blame to her or self. Rather, just an awareness to remind myself to refocus and get back on track.

“The nice thing about being off course, is that you don’t have to stay there.”
~LeAura Alderson, writer, editor, creator

Back On Track

So when you find yourself off track, whether it’s your life, or the day… your diet or your art, your work or your play, your relations or incantations to self, that’s okay.

When we find ourselves off track, we simply get back on it. We get back on the right track for our highest and best. We simply redirect our focus andike a patient parent to the distracted child. We do not blame or criticize ourselves or others. We simply forgive, learn and get right back on track.

Starting with our goals for the day.

The more we do this, the easier it becomes to recognize the habits and patterns that throw us off track and how to avoid them in future.

I feel pretty sure I’m not alone in wanting my life to be on track with a higher intention and purpose, and in having big goals.

If that’s you too, we can make a game of guarding the gates of our mind. Our time on this planet is precious, and a non-renewable resource. Let’s do our best to fill it with that which serves our highest aspirations and good.

3 Things I Know for Certain

  1. ELEVATE: We will never regret any moment invested in our highest aspirations.
  2. FORGIVE: Blame harms and resentment never serves anyone, and ultimately hurts the sender most. Forgiveness serves the sender and the receiver. (Be that self to self, or self to another). 
  3. LOVE: Love never hates, never resents, never deceives, and always forgives. Be Love.

Sometimes diversions can have a purpose. In such times we can course correct, learn the lesson and make the most of the next moment, and sometimes that can be to appreciate what we learned in that distracted blink of an eye!

Top Feature Image by ❤️A life without animals is not worth living❤️ from Pixabay

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