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Breath Book – Maybe the Most Important Book for Your Health

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I haven’t yet had the time to create a proper review of this Breath book, but didn’t want my hindrance to deprive you of not hearing about this sooner. It is not an exaggeration to say that it may just save lives.

This may be the most important book to read for your optimum health and wellbeing. For an extended preview, I highly recommend tuning into interviews with the author, James Nestor. You will gain insights that are… well… a breath of fresh air.

More than new and fresh and less common knowledge, they’re revelatory and life transforming. Breath, breathing and breathwork is an essential component of health and wellness.

Breath – the Power to Create Health or Destroy Life

Below is an interview that is a great “preview” to the book. I didn’t think I’d really enjoy this interview, but actually found it fascinating. Same with the book, Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art, by James Nestor.

Of ALL the books I’ve recommended over the years through this website and social media, this may just be the most vitally important and revelatory for our physical and emotional health.

“What Tibetans have long known, and what western science is now discovering, is that aging doesn’t have to be a one way path of decline. The internal organs are malleable, and we can change them at nearly any time.”
James Nestor, author, in his landmark book, Breath

Photo by Olia Nayda on Unsplash

Breath Interview – James Nestor With Tom Bilyeu on Impact Theory

I HIGHLY recommend reading or listening to the audiobook by James Nestor. But first, for a great interview that left me wanting more, you can preview this topic and author here.

Conscious breathing and breathwork is rapidly growing as a powerful healing tool for physical and emotional healing. The more we learn and practice, the more we can tap into the power that is only a breath away.

I really enjoyed the audiobook Breath, read by the author, James Nestor, so much that I also bought the Kindle version as well.

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