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From Passion to Profit – a Journey Worth Making

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Why shouldn’t you earn a living from your passion if you want? If we really stop to think about the meaning of life and purpose, it just makes sense to spend most of our time doing work we love, and to be able to profit from it.

Okay, so you may have to bite the “job-job” bullet at first. For any destination, there’s the journey there first. We can’t expect to arrive without taking the journey. Some destinations are farther and harder to reach, and yet, if we keep on going we will arrive.

In today’s online world… the world wide web, it’s easier than any other time in history to pave a pathway from passion to profit. Today, it’s absolutely possible to not only do the work you love, but to earn a living from it.

Easier but not Easy

That doesn’t mean it’s easy. It’s just easier than most any time in history, (except perhaps if you got started at the beginning of the internet up through 2012. Those were the golden years of the gold rush of the internet.

Now, it’s a crowded marketplace but consider how very many still are not utilizing it. If you start now, what’s possible in a year… in 5… in 10…?

Versus if you don’t even start.

Today, it’s absolutely possible to not only do the work you love, but to earn a living from it. You just need commitment, determination, patience and perseverance.

You’re going to arrive in your future anyway. Better to arrive with the years of creating the work you love.

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Audio Article: From Passion to Profit:

Never Easy… Always Worth it

Now, it’s still not easy. You still have to want it enough to work for it tirelessly day and night, likely for years. It’s just that it’s easier than any other time in history.

The journey may not be easy. In fact it rarely is. But the journey toward the life you want to live is always worth it.

If you embrace a spirit of adventure and a learner’s mindset, you will enjoy the journey as much as the victory.
~LeAura Alderson,®

Free to Pursue Work You Love

Your grandparents didn’t have that option. Likely your parents didn’t either, which is why they may not understand your determination to pursue work you love over just “getting a job” to pay the bills.

It’s different today. Opportunity abounds. What’s the same is that it still requires hard work.

Your grandparents did not have the freedom to follow their passions. You do. Don’t wait.
~LeAura Alderson, cofounder-iCreateDaily®

Find Your Niche

No matter how niched is your interest, there’s likely more than one way to earn a living from it. There’s one man who is earning a six figure income doing one simple task: teaching people how to jump higher.

I’ve lost track of that story with the guy’s name, but he had created so many videos on YouTube that sports teams and athletic departments around the world were hiring him to coach their athletes. Meanwhile, you can find another cool example of two school teachers exponentializing (that’s a word, right 😉) their income by packaging their expertise into online educational programs for teachers.1)

The riches are in the niches” as the saying goes.

The Long Tail

Seth Godin calls this “the long tail“.

Working hard at what we love is a privilege that wasn’t available to most of our ancestors even just 20 years ago. Now that’s astonishing to realize. Just 20 years ago.

What’s different today is the Internet. The Internet has leveled the playing field, and the rules are that anyone with a passion, a work ethic and an internet connection can play. It’s the “flat world” concept popularized in the book by Thomas L. Friedman.

Working hard at what you love doesn’t feel like work.
~LeAura Alderson, cofounder-iCreateDaily®

Do What You Love and Love What You Do

We get it. Unless your creative genius is being an entrepreneur, then you’re not likely passionate about the prospect of building your business. Most creators are not in love with the business building process. Okay, that’s fair.

However, if you had to go to work to do a 9-5 type job you don’t love, better to do that 9-5 business working for yourself, even when it’s doing some things you don’t enjoy doing. Most people like to eat, yet most people are not fond of cleaning the kitchen. Yet we do it because it has to be done in order to have a kitchen we can cook in and a home we can enjoy living in.

If you’re just not cut out to run your own business, no worries. There are other ways and means to go from passion to profit without having to do all of that, which we’ll touch on later. We’ve also covered the concept of focusing on your strengths in this article.

Success is simple. The more you do the better you get.
~LeAura Alderson, cofounder-iCreateDaily®

Creative Ways to Build—and Grow—Your Business

When it comes to building your business, it’s mainly about brand building, and there are many fun ways to do that in today’s vast land of opportunity. Video helps do that more quickly than any other medium. The next is audio, such as podcasts—yours and/or as a guest on other’s podcasts—followed by social postings, followed by the written word.

If video isn’t your thing, don’t force it to be. There are so many other mediums and options to do video without you having to be on the screen. It’s a matter of deciding to do something based on what makes the most sense for you and then just starting.

One thing is certain, the more we do the better we get, so don’t be the person who says “I’m not good at…”, something you’ve barely even done. You were not good at your craft in the beginning either, but you know how you got better at it. That’s the purpose behind daily creation, and why it’s at the heart of iCreateDaily brand.

Don’t overthink things. Take action. Action generates perspective that leads to clarity.
~LeAura Alderson,®

Social Platforms

Our creative endeavors are like musical notes. There are virtually infinite compositions that can be created from the same basic finite number of musical notes. For artists, composers and other content creators that includes many different outcomes that can be created from our one initial work.

This is good news. It’s called repurposing, and it’s in alignment with the laws of nature. Plant one seed that produces many trees with many fruits and many more seeds.

Here’s the nitty gritty of just a smattering of things you can do to leverage your efforts to grow your brand on your journey from passion to profit.


Create video content of your are of interest and expertise.

  • Talking/teaching/playing/painting
  • Time lapse videos
  • Music over visuals
  • Words on screen no audio
  • Video of still shots of your work


Video can be purposed into audio content, thereby leveraging video creation into audio.

  • Podcast
  • Audio only with a still shot of your art
  • Audio only while you read your poetry or a chapter of your book
  • Audio only of your musical composition (yours or others)
  • Your audiobooks read by you, (yours or others in public domain)

Blogs & Websites

Audio and video content can be editing into transcripts and/or article formats toward building out your website and social content.

  • Your writing
  • Your writing for others websites with linkbacks to your site
  • Others writing for your site

As writers, we often sort through several possible directions we could take an article. So we choose one for our blog, then offer to write on that topic for someone else’s blog and for that we take another angle. Then your sign-off links back to your site, which helps increase your traffic and grow your Google ranking.


Build an email list of folks who love what you do and purpose your other content into messages for them — and vice versa.

To build your own email list is the safest and surest way to grow your brand and your tribe. You can lose a social media account or have your traffic cut dramatically by a social platform’s algorithm changes and your website can crash or be hacked, but your email list is yours.


Video blog – you reading your articles, chapters, or just talking, sharing, teaching, presenting, interviewing. Now the same article is in print and on video and audio; even if your face isn’t on screen and it’s just a still shot or series of still shots.

Art Products

Your one piece of art can become so much more:

Cards, posters, prints, originals, wallpaper, books, coloring books, journals, mugs, tshirts, cushions, placed on Etsy, placed on Shutterstock and other artist/photographer mediums, sold from Facebook, sold on Amazon, licensed…

We shared more on this in the article on Fantasy artist, Eeva Nikunen and how she’s leveraged her art into multiple products.

The ultimate creator’s vacation is a trip to the farthest reaches of possibility.
~LeAura Alderson, cofounder-iCreateDaily®

Multi-purposed Content to the nth Power

Your one article can become 5 more things:

  1. a social media post
  2. an email
  3. a video topic
  4. read as a vlog
  5. a podcast topic (as host or guest)

Your one video can become 5 more things:

  1. an article
  2. an email
  3. a Social Media post
  4. an audio clip
  5. edited into other videos

All of this content creation can become 5 more things:

  1. free downloads for lead generation
  2. posts and emails that serve your audience
  3. books
  4. talks
  5. courses

And that’s how your brand grows in the world.

Deep Honesty

Your challenge is patience, persistence and unbiased deep honesty.

Investigate whether you’re avoiding something because it’s truly not your thing, or, if you’re avoiding it because it’s uncomfortable. Only you can decide for you.

Discomfort is a good thing when we’re pushing against our own limitations. That’s how all life begins, grows and gets stronger.
~LeAura Alderson, cofounder-iCreateDaily®

Action Pierces Through Procrastination

The other thing to be aware of is the common inclination to make things bigger in your head than they actually are by overthinking them. An iCreateDaily community member recently said it this way:
     “So now to figure out what the problem is… why I think it’s complicated.”

Paralysis by analysis can be a huge stumbling block for anyone. From overthinking and overanalyzing, to anguishing over making decisions, we can spin into an abyss of mental and emotional chaos.

The mind is amazing, but it can also be a maze and we can also get stuck there. The best remedy is to just take action. You can course correct as needed, but getting going will get you unstuck.

Taking action releases paralysis. Taking action frees up the energy blocked by fear. Go do. Turn fear into faith… paralysis into performance… inertia into industry.
~LeAura Alderson, cofounder-iCreateDaily®

For more on your soul purpose, you may enjoy this article.

Also, entrepreneur and marketing thought leader, Neil Patel shares ideas on how to profit from your art in this 2 minute video (following the commercial).

You must find the place inside yourself where nothing is impossible.
~Deepak Chopra, Indian-born American author, speaker, alternative medicine

Why shouldn't you earn a living from your passion? When you think about it, in today's world it's ridiculous to have to earn a living doing anything but what you love. Okay, so you may have to bite the "job-job" bullet at first, but today it's easier than any other time in history to pave a pathway from passion to profit.

In Search of Greatness

We thoroughly enjoyed this documentary on greatness, In Search of Greatness.

The focus is athletes from a handful of different sports, who were exceptionally successful in their chosen sport, in spite of not being the best in the beginning.

We love how this highlights excellence as being the result of dedication, hard work, and passion. Further, how these athletes perceive their sport as a creative endeavor… as their art.

Create the life you want to live, one day at a time.

The Day is the Way.


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