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Visioning, Momentum and Spontaneity ~ Coffee Break

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Devani and I were afternoon exercise biking the hills in our neighborhood and ended up doing this spontaneous Coffee Break episode to share key thoughts that have affected our growth and direction.

Exercise is a fantastic way to generate ideas. Vigorous activity literally and figuratively gets your creative juices flowing, and getting away from the desk… taking a brain break from whatever you’ve been slaving over is also good for rejuvenating creativity.

So as we were in the flow of thoughts on the topic of visioning, momentum, daily effort and intuition all bubbled to the surface for a spontaneous Coffee Break session to share on that.

Learnings in under 10 minutes:

  • The importance of visioning and focusing on your dreams
  • The importance of setting goals toward your dreams
  • What begins to happen when you do
  • What begins to happen with daily doing
  • The role of intuition in pursuing your dreams
  • Whether to focus on many things or do just one thing at a time
  • We’ve linked in the resources below two articles that address both approaches
  • Why to start before you’re ready

Never underestimate the power of visioning and the momentum of daily effort to open the doors of your dreams.

~LeAura Alderson,

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