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New Year’s Resolutions – Coffee Break 2

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New Year’s Resolutions? – Coffee Break 2 #iCreateDaily #Goals #coffeebreaks

Join Devani and LeAura for a brief coffee break! Whether you drink coffee, chai, tea, green juice, or just water, grab your favorite cuppa and join us for a chat.

In these Coffee Break Episodes we riff on topics of interest, ranging from quotes that we discuss, inspiring people we follow and admire and what’s up with the iCreateDaily brand and maybe a little bit about us.

So please let us know what you’re interested in, what topics you like and which shows you’re enjoying most and we’ll do more of those!

Hope you enjoy, and thanks for joining us!


Full Interview Transcript:

(Please pardon the odd transcription glitches. We don’t always have the chance to go through and edit out the speech-to-text gaffs. But… in “ship it” fashion, we figure it’s more important to get it out there than to be perfect!)

Welcome to the iCreateDaily podcast. I’m LeAura Alderson and I’m Devani Alderson. Your hosts on this journey of creativity and productivity. iCreateDaily is for artists in every genre of creating, musicians to writers, podcasters to inventors, bloggers entrepreneurs.

LeAura [00:00:31] I create daily is a movement for creators, serious about your art. If you’re into creating anything this podcast is definitely for you. Thank you so much for joining us on this journey.

Devani [00:00:42] Hi and welcome to another episode of the iCreateDaily podcast a movement of creators serious about their art. I’m Devani and I’m LeAura and today we’re doing a coffee break episode and if you’re new to this podcast, our coffee break episodes are what Tim Ferriss calls In-between-isodes. These are just shorter clips of us. It’s not an interview it’s just LeAura and myself on here and we talk about whatever topics are in our head for the week. So without further ado, LeAura is going to read an e-mail that we sent to our 90 day creator challenge members and we’ll be talking about that.

LeAura [00:01:18] Yeah. And so this is about resolutions as we’re approaching—right now it’s the end of the year 2017—and as we’re approaching 2018, no matter when you’re listening to this is very relevant having to do with goals in achieving our goals. This is titled Resolutions, and that’s with a question mark. 

New Year’s Resolutions…?

(You can read the properly formatted article, on

LeAura [00:01:39] Just two things stand in the way of you becoming your ideal vision of yourself. One is belief, you must believe it. Two It’s a daily discipline to make it so. When it comes to New Year’s resolutions we all know what happens. Most people start out on fire with big goals only to feel the defeated way too soon. We’ve probably all been in that. Most people crowd many years running. The waiting room of success is a very crowded place. Those resolutions are visions of our future self-kicked down the road until the new year. While somewhere somehow the magical power of January 1st will be the day that changes everything. That’s a lot of pressure on one little day. That’s a lot of procrastination. Calls to reckoning from one year to the next in the New Year does a lot of pressure on you. So here’s the truth. Every day is a new year.

LeAura [00:02:39] Each new dawn is a blank canvas to paint into being Sketching your vision that you can bring to light each day. You become who you want to be. Not once a year and not because of new year’s resolutions. You become who you want to be by daily disciplines that produce the results you want. Each day presents a brand new year. From that moment forward each day had never happened before has never been lived before. When creating goals most of them tend to come up with more than we can get done. We cram into the new year our idyllic sounds and plans yet all too often find ourselves coming up short and defeated before we even start the 90-day creators. Challenges are designed specifically to help you focus on and identifying refining and achieving your goals. One day one week one month one quarter at a time. In fact, when we structure and plan our days and weeks we get more done. Each day is a gift to discover unwrap it with care then make the most of it. So join us for our next 90 day creators challenge and get stuff done. Start sustain succeed and create daily.

Devani [00:04:00] So if you’re wondering about what the 90 day creators challenge and mastermind is, it’s basically an accountability group of artists and creators, entrepreneurs of varying backgrounds really just coming together and getting stuff done as the bottom line of what it’s about. We developed it in 2017 as a 100 day challenge and we have since made it a 90 day challenge with feedback… it just makes more sense, plus it follows the calendar year. All it’s really about making your goals part of your life as opposed to trying to do goals and trying to live life that doesn’t work very well. So the 90 day Creator’s Challenge and mastermind is developed specifically to help you get stuff done and live your life and integrate it all together so that you’re creating habits of showing up every day getting your stuff done and like LeAura said every single day every week every month is a new clean slate of opportunity for all of us. And the challenge is just to help those ready to take the next step in getting those things done.

LeAura [00:05:06] Yeah. Tony Robbins says “what gets scheduled gets done.” And we certainly got more done than we expected. During this past challenge a few things that we didn’t get done that were overambitious. So the challenge is about also helping us refine and improve the process. Of identifying our priorities. The most important goals and then how to schedule them in a way and structure them in a way that they get done. So you know I think most of us probably have ideas of what we would like to do in our headm but it’s so important to write them down to put them out there in the world with our families friends and ourselves not just keep it actually in your head to yourself because it’s too easy to let it evaporate into nothingness and kick the can down the road if you just leave it in your head and not let other people know what you’re planning to do. So that’s a big thing. Let your friends your family know what you’re doing, or commit some kind of group or challenge such as this one so that you can be sure to get your goals done. Because your life is important and your goals and dreams are important. And you know you what, you will never regret every effort made to achieve them. So we hope you’re interested in joining us, let us know. You can contact us if you have any questions. We’ll include the links and we hope that whatever time of year you’re seeing this, remember that goals begin—and New Year’s begins—every single day. [Each day is a new year from that moment forward].

Devani [00:06:36] All right guys have a great day or week or whatever and go create… go make your thing.

[00:06:46] Thanks so much for joining us on the iCreateDaily podcast and please let us know what Creative’s you would like us to interview and what topics you’re interested in hearing more about.

[00:06:56] And if you enjoy this show please leave a review on iTunes. We value your feedback. We read all the reviews and it just helps us get the word out on the daily podcast. Thank you so much so much!

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