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Food Photographer and Nutritionist, Caro Rose

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Food Photographer and Nutritionist, Caro Rose #iCreateDaily

The Way is in the Journey

Karalina Chodorowska, who goes by Caro Rose on Instagram, is a Polish food photographer living in Switzerland! What we love about Caro’s story is how strongly it illustrates that it is in the journey that the way becomes more clear.

You don’t have to have it all figured out. You don’t even have to know what you’re passionate about. Often, we discover our deeper passions in the pursuit of our interests.

Caro’s love for healthy eating and art has blossomed into more than just a nutrition-coach-in-training. Caro has discovered an extraordinary creative side to herself through creating art from her food!

We discovered Cora’s mouth-watering food photography on Instagram and were entranced for the entire scroll through her page. The soft pastel backgrounds mixed with the striking ingredients she showcases is like a gallery of beautiful artistic creations.

You can make art out of everything.

~Caro Rose, @CaroRoseNutrition

We discover our deeper passions in the pursuit of our interests.

~LeAura Alderson,

Food Photography and Art

Food Photography and Art @CaroRoseNutrition #iCreateDaily

Here’s the link to Caro Rose’s Instagram so you can appreciate the incredible artistry Caro brings to food and plate, while listening to this podcast.

Food Photography and Art @CaroRoseNutrition #iCreateDaily

Natural food equals a strong body and clear mind.

Caro Rose, @CaroRoseNutrition

We absolutely agree with Caro’s philosophy… and look forward to sharing her story with you!

In this episode we discuss:

  • How a TV sitcom led to Caro’s interest in cooking
  • Caro’s interest in healthy foods and how it affected her
  • How Caro’s aspirations to draw art morphed into food art and food photography
  • How Caro pushes through when she doesn’t feel like it, and the difference that makes
  • Ideas for Caro toward developing her brand
  • Ideas for Caro toward monetizing her food photography
  • What Caro asks herself to overcome procrastination and laziness
  • Why Caro is so passionate about healthy foods
  • Caro’s creative goals


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You can make art out of everything ~Caro Rose #iCreateDaily

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