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Art Inspiration – Coffee Break

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Art Inspiration – Coffee Break #iCreateDaily

Welcome to another Coffee Break episode, where we discuss ideas, quotes, and people who inspire us!

Today’s quote discussion:

“As you are creating your art, your art is creating you.” 

~ LeAura Alderson

This episode ties in well with the previous Coffee Break episode we released about creating motivation. Art is such a personal growth experience for each creator. You’re expressing your emotions, thoughts, ideas, and in sharing that with the world it takes on a new light to each person who is touched by it.

On top of that, you also walk the fine line between balancing the external and internal input. You don’t solely want to be a “hack artist” where you’re only making work because the crowd likes it, yet you also want to be open to new experiences and idea that can grow your work.

If you cannot be touched by the world around you, how will you, in turn, touch the world with your work?

Brene Brown often talks about this concept of being vulnerable and open, yet not so open that every whim of other people’s opinions affect you.

Listen to the episode below, then share your thoughts!

Question of the Day:

How do you balance productive consumption and creation time?

Art Quotes:

We create our world, and in turn our world creates us.

~Jason Silva

When you bring art out that you’ve never done before, it’s as if you can see your unconscious mind at work. And then you are able to build upon it and mold it like clay. From that, you grow your art.

~LeAura Alderson

Our destiny is to bring consciousness to what we’re doing, to bring passion, love, and creativity and then to release it and make the world a better place.

~LeAura Alderson

Art is not about being ridged in who we are, it’s about allowing ourselves to be impacted in a way that helps us become better.

~Devani Alderson

You can listen to feedback and grow from it, but you can’t let it define what you bring out into the world.

~LeAura Alderson

Create your art from the inside out first, then tune into the world.

~LeAura Alderson


"Create your art from the inside out first, then tune into the world.” ~LeAura Alderson, writer, editor, creator® "

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