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The One Thing CEO – Geoff Woods

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The One Thing CEO – Geoff Woods #iCreateDaily

We were super excited to have the chance to converse with today’s guest, CEO Geoff Woods, Vice President of The One Thing company, where Geoff gets to work directly with high-level mentors like Gary Keller, founder of the Keller Williams International Realty Company, and co-author—with Jay Papasan—of The One Thing book.

Geoff is also the host of The Mentee podcast where he interviews inspiring mentors, as a part of his own journey to surround himself with—and learn from—the best. Soon, he will become a mentor on that podcast and be replaced by other mentee hosts.

Geoff Woods is also a husband and father of two young children, residing in the booming entrepreneurial city of Austin, TX.

This episode takes an unexpected turn!

Tune in to learn:

  • Geoff Woods story of how he went from 9-5 to a fulfilling entrepreneurial career
  • A question Geoff’s mentor asked him that helped him grow his side hustle
  • Mindset shift about how much time you have
  • The ONE Thing break down
  • About how you can make The One Thing work for you (and why you’ll want to)
  • How creative people can learn to reign in and focus so they can produce more
  • How LeAura inadvertently sent us on a collision course with one of Geoff’s infamous “hot seats”
  • How Devani volunteered to be on that hot seat
  • What Devani struggles with most that prevents her from achieving her next greatest level of growth
  • You’ll witness the process Geoff skillfully leads Devani through that you can also use to discover your weak links and focus points
  • How Geoff reminded LeAura (more than once!) of the importance of the silence… and discouraged jumping in to fill the void… in spite of this being on the audio podcast.
  • The most downloaded podcast from The Mentee podcast where Susan Scott took Geoff Wood’s through the questioning process
  • The lifestyle decision that was holding Geoff and The One Thing company back
  • What Geoff learned from re-focusing on the One Thing he needed to make everything else easier
  • Glean how to use The One Thing for each area of your life and how that can work
  • The 7 most important areas to focus on in life


“What is the ONE thing you can do, such that by doing it everything will become easier or unnecessary?”

~The ONE Thing question 

“People don’t decide their futures. They decide their habits, and their habits decide their futures.”

~F. M. Alexander

“Conversation is the relationship. If you want to evaluate the quality of a relationship look no further than the quality of the conversations.” 

~ Susan Scott 

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Note from Devani: I missed several days of doing my journal and accountability mentioned in the session. So I started the 30 day period over. I’ll keep adding progress updates here. We may share an update in future Coffee Break sessions.


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“What is the ONE thing you can do, such that by doing it everything will become easier or unnecessary?” ~The ONE Thing question #iCreateDaily

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