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Video Coach – Owen Video

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Video Coach – Owen Video #iCreateDaily

Welcome to another episode of the iCreateDaily podcast, Creator!

We have a FIRE episode today with the dynamically direct and entertaining Owen Video! Owen is a YouTube, Facebook Live, and video marketing expert and shares his advice on branding, entrepreneurialism, creativity and so much more.

Owen, born with the entrepreneurial spirit, got his start at eight years old. We won’t give too much away, but you’ll learn how his “boring summer vacations” were the perfect setting for his innate creativity to thrive.

We got so many amazing ideas to implement from this episode for the iCreateDaily brand as well as others in our family of brands. We would highly recommend taking notes because Owen shares a lot of tactical ideas you can run with.

One of the most rewarding things for people who create educational content online is when people actually implement what they share. That’s one of the biggest reasons we’re inspired to do this podcast, so you can run with the ideas and create the lifestyle you want… daily!

OH … let’s not forget, on top of all he’s achieved, Owen has been cancer free for almost 3 years! A journey he shared publicly through his brands as he was going through treatments.

Topics Covered:

  • Owen’s story about how he became a video expert
  • How “boring summer vacations” helped catalyze his creativity
  • The number of times Owen had been fired before taking the entrepreneurial leap
  • Owen’s advice for establishing a brand as a creative
  • The growth strategy in creating a “Loss Leader”
  • Content ideas for building a tribe
  • Building a creative career that supports you as a long-term game
  • Owens advice regarding competitive pricing
  • How Owen started his video business using the same advice he gives
  • Learn which videos are his top performing videos to date
  • Developing a focused niche to start
  • The struggle of “business mindset” that many creatives face
  • Why a value statement is important and creating one for your brand
  • Minimal Viable Product (MVP) is enough to get started
  • How your 3am doodles are important for visibility landing clients
  • Tackling old school thinking on protecting your work
  • Why Encyclopedia Britannica won during its hay day and how it’s applicable to you
  • Why it’s good to be the most popular broke person on the market and leveraging that power
  • Collaborating with different artists to create varied product packages
  • Be careful, selective, and intentional with the types of influencers you approach
  • The single most important person in Owen’s career
  • Why making things you don’t like will help your creative career
  • YouTube Videos or Facebook Live: Which should you prioritize for brand building?
  • The difference between YouTube and Facebook Live
  • An idea that Owen launched years ago and may want to revive (so if you’re a creator interested in rebooting a proven idea, listen and reach out to Owen!)
  • The people who taught Owen to be a mature professional
  • And lots of Owen humor and dynamism!

We love Owen and think you will too!


Spend 50% of your time developing your talent. Spend the other 50% of your time developing your rolodex. 

~Owen Video

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“Spend 50% of your time developing your talent. Spend the other 50% of your time developing your rolodex.” ~Owen Video #iCreateDaily

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