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Daily Productivity and Brand Evolution – Coffee Break

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Daily Productivity and Brand Evolution – Coffee Break #iCreateDaily

In this Coffee Break we talk about the various roles that LeAura and Devani take on for the iCreateDaily brand and podcast (iCD), brand evolution and increasing productivity.

We get into the established habits we’ve created, challenges we’re overcoming, and how the iCD brand has evolved since it’s inception in July 2017! :-O

Topics Covers: 

  • Content creation and distribution
  • Content management and strategies
  • Social and online management tools
  • Daily goals for brand growth
  • The one thing that helps us be the most productive
  • The ongoing brand journey and evolution
  • Branded memes
  • How to divvy up partner responsibilities
  • Some of what we struggle with
  • A quick way to determine your most important task
  • Scheduling your tasks so the most important things get done
  • Relaxing into enjoying the journey versus rushing to get it done
  • Why it’s so important to get going on the journey even before you have it all figured out
  • What Devani brings to her writing and why she needs to do more of it
  • Our social media scheduling practice

It is in the journey that the way becomes more clear.

~ LeAura Alderson

Do the work and the ideas will come.

~Devani Anjali Alderson

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