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New Year Haiku Poems to Inspire a Fresh New Start

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New Year Haiku - Light Follows the Dark. #Haiku #NewYearHaiku #HaikuPoem #NewYearsHaiku #Poetry #iCreateDaily

iCreateDaily community member, Beth Murphy kicked off the 2021 by sharing a New Year Haiku. Haiku is a great way to kickstart creativity, since it’s just a three line poem.

You’re welcome to submit your New Year’s haiku for publishing here as well. You can find more info on how to write a haiku article here, and also below — in brief — should you need a refresher.

The Plural of Haiku

Haiku is the plural of haiku in the same way that deer and sheep are both singular and plural forms of those nouns. Haiku poetry originated as a Japanese art form, and the Japanese language implies plurality in context rather than application of an “s” at the end of words.


Traditional Format Haiku – 3 lines, 17 syllables as 5-7-5

Create Haiku


The birth of a year
To live, to love, to nurture
A year to create.

~LeAura Alderson,

Fear and Frustration Haiku

iCreateDaily community member, David Brown shared his Haiku, saying, “At a Sufi workshop a few years ago, we were invited to write a haiku beginning ‘In this Bright New Year…’  Here was mine:”


In this bright new year
Forget Frustration and Fear,
Submit to Spirit.

~David Brown, Quaker author

Happy Haiku


Waking up to dawn
Knowing that the year is new
Happy and hopeful

Haiku by Jayme Thompson, artist, teacher
by Jayme Thompson
Image by iwanna from Pixabay

Hope Haiku

In this bright new year
May our dark times fade away
As hope-beams appear

~Susan Schultz, sign language interpreter, artist, b.3/9/57

Joy Haiku


New year, new found day
Dawning opportunity
Take time to find joy

~Shannon Billings Schofieldauthor writerbeekeeper
New Year Haiku by Shannon DeAnna Schofield: New year, new found day
Dawning opportunity
Take time to find joy
Image by Oleh Valchuk from Pixabay

Love Haiku


In this bright new year
Know that love is always near
Surround your heart, Dear

Shannon Schofieldauthor writerbeekeeper

Passions Haiku


Goals on our minds now
Bring on imaginations
Let passions come forth

Haiku by Louise DeBell, writer, speaker
Goals Haiku by Louise DeBell
Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Promise Haiku


New year of promise
Raising my heart to the sky
Each day, hope and joy

~Shannon Schofield, author, poet

Reassurance Haiku


Newness of the day
Bursting forth reassurance
Light follows the dark

~Beth Murphyhaiku & tanka poet
Light Follows the Dark Haiku by Beth Murphy

Resolution Haiku


My resolution
Dream, move, rest become
Quiet times, my time

~Sally Kirkpatrick, retired teacher, writer, photographer, crafter
Resolution Haiku by Sally Kirkpatrick
Image by Siggy Nowak from Pixabay

Modern Haiku Format

3 lines, no other rules


As the light shines,
I am set free. 
Breathe. Release. 

Modern haiku by Mieka Peebles


This next section aren’t haiku poems but are added from the contributions of our community.


New day, new year
Bright dawn, no fear
Light is love, love is light
Let your moon shine through the night

Plan, plot, run, and play
Let your heart soar and sway
Lift the love inside your soul
Let the world wholly Know

Dance, sing, and be delighted
Newest day, be enlightened
Let your heart lead the way
On this bright New Year’s day

Shannon DeAnna Schofieldauthor writerbeekeeper
written 12-21-21 @ 4:35am

We’d love to add your Haiku poems here, or to our how to write a haiku article. Just send it to us, and include your preferred tribute sign-off. E.g., your name, creative pursuit and/or career, and a link to your website or social page if you’d like us to link to it.

When you’re tired of winter and ready for spring, we’ve also started a collection spring haiku poems here. Perhaps you’d like to send yours to be published there.

Haiku by Susan Schultz

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