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Cool Character Names ~ Coffee Break

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Cool Character Names ~ Coffee Break #iCreateDaily

How to Come up with Good Character Names

Welcome to the iCreateDaily Podcast Coffee Break episode!

Today’s Coffee Break is a hands-on how-to episode on how to create cool character names. So if you create fiction characters in stories or visual arts, you might want to tune into the video version of this podcast.

One struggle many writers face, and especially fiction writers, is naming characters. Some writers are awesome at quickly and easily coming up with exotic names to go along with our fantasy worlds. Others of us would rather just stick “Bo”, or “WhatsHisName” in as a placeholder and then think of the name later. 

Topics Covered: 

  • How culture can create in-the-box thinking, (and how to break out of that)
  • 3 hands-on tactics for coming up with cool character names

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