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Creative Agency Mastermind with Michelle Khouri

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Creative Agency Mastermind with Michelle Khouri #iCreateDaily #Podcast #Masterminds

In this episode, we catch up with Michelle Khouri, and get deep into the kind of content, stories, strategies and conversations that happen—and need to happen—in branding and storytelling. If you’re a creator building your brand and growing your business, you may find some interesting ideas and information in this, especially in the second half.

During the first half, we’re doing more catching up with Michelle since we last spoke with her on episode 20 of this podcast, which is linked below. So this call is a mastermind and catch-up with Michelle, some updates on what all of us are working on, as well as bouncing around ideas.

This started as a conversation amongst ourselves, but there was enough good information discussed that could be relevant to you as well, so we wanted to share it.

While there is a little bit of chatter throughout the episode, this is just a real conversation with creator’s helping each other and sharing ideas. We love these kinds of conversations, and there are some great tips, advice, and ideas that you might be able to implement in your business!

Topics Covered:

  • Updates on the 90 Day Journal
  • Sales, Branding, and Laying the Foundation
  • What Michelle is up to with The Cultured Podcast
  • The Cultured Podcast is picking up speed in her local region of Atlanta, GA
  • She’s considering whether she wants to add sponsors
  • Marketing ideas for Michelle’s creative marketing agency
  • The three areas she’s focused on for growths
  • How Michelle is building out her speaking career
  • Michelle’s experience and emotions in being a fairly new business owner (9 months in!)
  • Michelle’s mindset shift on coaching
  • Different angles for approaching larger brands that could use your creative skill set
  • How corporations need to embrace humanization
  • Michelle advises us on some nitty-gritty advice on podcasting stats
  • Why you should NOT host a podcast on Soundcloud
  • Michelle’s dual citizenship & the differences in her parent’s culture (her mom Columbian, her dad Argentina)
  • How quality content is helping bridge the gap between gender, race, and culture
  • The fine line of how much you share as a content creator and being aware of who you want to reach as brand
  • A couple voice acting tips
  • A little chit-chat between friends catching up! 🙂

Inspiring Quotes:

“Our ability to create stories is a fundamental part of our humanity.” 

~ Michelle Khouri  

“I need people walking away from my workshops with something they can implement.”

~ Michelle Khouri

“Be personal without being intimate.”

~Brene Brown 

Thanks for tuning in, and please let us know what you liked and what you’d like to hear more of.


“Our ability to create stories is a fundamental part of our humanity.” ~ Michelle Khouri

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