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How to Set Achievable Goals ~ Coffee Break

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How to Set Achievable Goals ~ Coffee Break #iCreateDaily

How to Set Achievable Goals

To set achievable goals is to focus on the desired outcome and work it backwards. Identify where you’d like to be at the end of the quarter—or the day—and then the steps needed to get there.

The two kinds of goals we focus on in this episode are:

  • Macro goals: monthly and quarterly
  • Micro goals: daily and weekly

Macro goals are great for creating a future vision to work towards.

An example of a macro goal:

  • Publishing your first fiction novel.  

A a number of people in our audience have this goal, and that’s wonderful. But, publishing a novel–especially your first one–is a pretty big deal. It could take you months, or years, to finish the first draft alone.

On top of that, you have to then consider the costs, time, and energy involved in editing your book, getting it printed, and the marketing. When authors say that a book is a business – they’re not kidding! BUT…

This is where micro goals come in.

Set Micro Goals

Think of micro-goals as stepping stones. They help you break down a vision that might seem insurmountable. Micro goals allow you to track your progress and celebrate smaller milestones on your journey.

Using the publishing example, a micro goal could look like:

  • In 3 months I will write 50k words.

Publishing a book can feel so far away. But writing 555 words today is extremely doable. If you keep writing that for 90 days, you’ll have around 50k done.

You want to set yourself up for success with real daily milestones to feel good about. On the days you don’t hit your mark you can easily course correct.

Achievable goals are the first step to self-improvement.

~JK Rowlings, author


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Achievable goals are the first step to self-improvement. ~JK Rowlings, author #iCreateDaily

Create the life you want to live, one day at a time.

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