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Create Yourself and the Life You Envision

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The day is the way to create the life you want to live. Transformation through creation.#IBuildALightedHouse #Astrology #Consciousness #CreateYourself #Positivity #iCreateDaily #Transformation #Creation #TheDayIsTheWay

What is your future vision for yourself and your life? Where would you like to be in 90 days… in a year… in three years? Identify where you’d like to be, then work to create yourself into that person each day.

Your dreams are achievable if you but break them down into daily, weekly and monthly goals. Like anything else you’ve ever done, from your last vacation to a favorite meal, you made your plan, planned your steps or tasks to do and then you got to work.

I Build a Lighted House

As of this writing, it is the Full Moon during the month of Cancer. Since first reading it, this motto for the astrological sign of Cancer has always touched my heart. Though Cancer it is not my astrological sign, Its meaning speaks to me and gives me cause to pause and reflect on the meaning for my life.

“I build a lighted house, and therein dwell.”
~Cancer’s motto (astrological)

Regardless of one’s astrological signs, or belief or disbelief in any of it, these labels, concepts and ideas are simply tools available for us to use as we create ourselves. We don't have to call ourselves a hammer to make use of one when we need it. 😉#CancerAstrologicalSign #CancerMotto #CancerSlogan #IBuildALightedHouse #Astrology #Consciousness #CreateYourself #Positivity #iCreateDaily

Labels As Tools – Astrology and Such

Regardless of one’s astrological signs, or belief or disbelief in any of it, these labels, concepts and ideas are simply tools available for us to use as we create ourselves. We don’t have to call ourselves a hammer to make use of one when we need it. 😉

In the landmark book, Personality Isn’t Permanent, author, Benjamin Hardy, addresses the essentiality of learning to move beyond the limitations of labels. We are to become the creator rather than the puppet of such things… to create ourselves over finding ourselves, for that is our human destiny: To create the lives we wish to live, and we do that by first creating ourselves into our future self in the now.

Creating Yourself

A recent article spoke to “Your Inner Sanctum” and “Creating Sacred Space”. That was serendipitously intuitive, for as of the writing of it, I had forgotten and wasn’t consciously aware of which Full Moon period this was. And then, while writing this, I remembered that “slogan” for Cancer, and that we are in the thick of it now during this 4th of July freedom weekend.

Creating a lighted house can include our body-mind-soul… our lighted inner sanctum.

Full Moons and Such

From the Farmer’s Almanac to esoteric astrologers; hospitals and law enforcement to new agers, it is known that more energy is flowing through our systems — planetary and individual — during full moon periods. From more births and deaths to an increase in crimes and spiritual quickenings; from heightened creativity to emotional turbulence and painful life experiences… what happens to us is a result of what’s happening within us.  It’s all happening for us… for our growth in this human journey called life.

If the 3-Foot Giant Can, We Can

Self help author, therapist and speaker, Sean Stephenson, known as the 3-foot-giant, died from complications following a fall related concussion on 8/28/2019, at the young age of 40. Even though Sean’s life was riddled with challenges from rare genetics-related deformities, his message was one of positivity, optimism and hope.

His last words to his wife were true to form and the legacy of his life: This happened for me. It didn’t happen to me.” 

Where the Creative Zone Flows Most

By nature of definition, we rarely grow from within our comfort zone, though the comfort zone is also essential. It’s R&R for the next level of growth. It is the plateau before the next climb… where we celebrate the gains, and recharge before our next valiant vision and ensuing effort.

There we rally strength and the determination needed to begin our next climb.The trials and tribulations of strife and struggle are stabilized in the peace and ease of the comfort zone. The Comfort zone visit may last a day, a year, or even a lifetime… each grows at her own pace.

Create Yourself Quotes

As a human being, it is your responsibility to create yourself through the decisions you make and the environments you choose.
~Benjamin Hardy in Personality Isn’t Permanent

Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.
~George Bernard Shaw, Irish playwright, 1856-1950

You don’t necessarily find yourself, you create yourself one little step at a time.
~Tim Ferriss, entrepreneur, author, podcaster, b.7/20/1977

“Everything will be alright in the end, so if it is not alright, it is not yet the end.”
~The Best Marigold Hotel

A Work In Progress

During these trying times we must remember that humanity is evolving through consciousness. NONE amongst us are perfect or as yet perfected Beings, and ALL of us are moving ever steadily through our own evolution — individually — and collectively. The human experience includes peaks and valleys, mucks and mires, peaks and streaks of light and dark… matter and spirit, fractal perfection converging to wholeness and unity. 

Remember construction sites are always messy, and humanity is under construction… we’re very much a WIP… work-in-progress.

The Seeds of Today Bear Our Future

We are in the journey, where the way will become more clear, though at times our vision is bleared by the pain of the past and the fog of the present.  But our FUTURE… remains intact and will grow into being whatever we are planting today, where the thoughts of today are the seeds planted by deeds, to become the future that serves our tomorrows. 

So let’s be sure we’re planting the harvest we yearn for through the thoughts we have and the actions we take. May we serve now, that which we wish our future to become, and who we are in our hearts and souls, our future selves.

May we build a lighted house, and therein dwell.

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