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Poet Astrologer – Heidi Rose Robbins

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Cosmic Coversations with Heidi Rose Robbins, Poet Astrologer

We are so excited to share today’s guest with you, because she speaks to the heart of creators.  Heidi Rose Robbins is an esoteric astrologer, poet, podcaster and leader of Radiant Life Retreats.

As a poet, Heidi has shared her original work at two TEDx events in Los Angeles. She has two published poetry books:

  • This Beckoning Ceaseless Beauty (2013)
  • Wild Compassion (2018)

The Radiance Project, her podcast, combines her love of astrology, poetry and good company. In her astrological practice, Heidi has supported many men and women through major life transitions, spiritual crises and growth opportunities.

Heidi’s Radiant Life Retreats have helped many women live fuller, more expressive and courageously loving lives. Heidi lives in Southern California with her husband and two children.

Conversation Points:

  • Heidi’s story and creative start
  • Spoken word poetry and performance
  • Spiritual journey
  • Mainstream astrology vs Esoteric astrology
  • Your past, present, and future in astrology
  • Blending business, spirituality, and creativity
  • Heidi’s astrology
  • Performing your poetry
  • Heidi’s personal creative retreats
  • Creative women’s retreats
  • Advice for creators
  • Heidi’s future visions

“I always write my way into a more creative place. My poetry often starts in the dark and then ends in the light.”

~Heidi Rose Robbins, poet, author, astrologer

“If we bring our consciousness and we’re bringing our willingness, it’s just opportunity everywhere we look.”

~Heidi Rose Robbins, poet, author, astrologer


Heidi Rose Robbins website

Heidi’s October 2019 Retreat

Heidi’s Revolutionary in Disguise poetry TEDTalk

This Beckoning Ceaseless Beauty

Wild Compassion

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