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Trademark and Copyright Attorney Angela Langlotz

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Trademark and Copyright Attorney Angela Langlotz #iCreateDaily

Welcome to another episode of the iCreateDaily podcast! Today’s guest is Angela Langlotz, a Trademark and Copyright attorney delivered lots of amazingly helpful information, and she even sang a little bit! 

Angela Langlotz is a Trademark and Copyright attorney serving and educating clients on:

  • Brand development
  • Trademarks & Copyright

Angela helps online and bricks and mortar businesses protect their valuable brand identities and loves educating business leaders on copyright law through her extensive informative and entertaining video library on her website,

When not practicing trademark and copyright law, Angela enjoys cooking Italian and Spanish food, drinking wine, running, yoga, traveling and hiking.

Topics Covered:

  • Angela’s story of how she got into trademark law
  • The independence of working for yourself
  • Why researching trademarks is important
  • The legalities and your rights (as creator or curator) when copying from the internet
  • The “wiggle room” and fine lines in copyright laws
  • Navigating content rights when you upload content online
  • Why creators should read the Terms of Service (TOS) on platforms you want to use for business
  • The importance of watermarks on the work you’ve created
  • The differences between Patents, Trademarks, and Copyrights
  • Why it’s important to Copyright your work
  • How creators can register their work when they’re constantly producing new work
  • How to take action when someone infringes on your work
  • Ballpark costs of taking someone to court for infringement
  • Trademarks, famous marks, and “dilution” in non-competing markets
  • Trademarks that are similar but in non-competing markets
  • Use of famous brand marks in content creation
  • Can your domain name protect you if you don’t have a trademark
  • How you register your mark is important as there are different rights to consider
  • Representing yourself authentically as a business owner
  • How Angela makes her content entertaining
  • Building rapport with your ideal client
  • Creating and proliferating personal content

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