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Art Online with Nathan Hughes

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Selling Art Online with Nathan Hughes #iCreateDaily

Do you have goals of selling art online? Our guest today is sharing his insights as a digital marketer on how you can grow an audience that buys what you make.

Nathan Hughes is a digital art fanboy who has been drawing, painting, sculpting and everything else creative, for as long as he can remember.

Nathan says:

“I truly believe creativity is something for everyone.”

Passionate about art and helping artists succeed in the business of their craft, Nathan started the website,, a community of artists, designers, and creatives eager to help fellow artists grow in their craft, artistry and creative business.

Topics Discussed: 

  • Nathan’s story
  • How Nathan started Art Ignition
  • The vision behind Art Ignition
  • Challenges of many visual artists
  • How visuals artists can build a business
  • Platforms for selling art
  • How to build an art business around goals
  • Time management and constraint
  • Different marketing avenues
  • Connecting with successful artists
  • Leveraging offline events for online selling
  • How to utilize platforms like Etsy, Red Bubble, etc
  • Using social media to drive sales
  • Owning your own website vs selling on other platforms
  • The type of clients Nathan works with
  • General tips for selling art online
  • Nathan’s daily creativity habits
  • His future goals with art
  • Current struggles
  • How accountability helps Nathan with his daily creativity
  • The type of art Nathan is currently working on
  • Deep work and productivity habits
  • How Nathan uses his environment to support his business and art goals
  • Brief mastermind with Nathan on his future ideas for podcasting, art, and business

Artists are naturally entrepreneurs,

they just might not know it yet

~Nathan Hughes

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Natha’s Site: 


“Artists are naturally entrepreneurs, they just might not know it yet” ~Nathan Hughes #iCreateDaily

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