Online Arbitrage: Converting Clutter to Cash

We’re inspired by this concept from Gary Vaynerchuk, one of the entrepreneurs we follow online, of “flipping” products you find for cheap and selling it for more online.  Another term for “flipping online” is online arbitrage or retail arbitrage. It’s perfect timing as we were planning to go through our 30-years-in-the-same-house clutter, finally!  And… are already converting clutter to cash! 


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If you’re looking to earn some extra cash–and/or earn cash from clearing your clutter–this could be perfect for you too.

Caption from Gary’s video:

“This is how ANYONE watching this video can make an extra $100 – $1,000 on the weekends… Whether it’s garage sales, or craigslist free, or eBay, if you just spend your Saturdays and Sundays taking the time to do this, you can CRUSH 2019.”

Here are some extra resources for getting started:

Warning: Gary swears a lot. However, he’s entertaining, full of practical advice, and could be a great way to remove clutter and make extra cash!

What is Arbitrage?

Arbitrage is about acquiring a commodity and selling it in a different marketplace with the goal of earning more than you paid for the product.  While the word can sometimes be hard to say, the concept is fairly simple to grasp.  Khan Academy has a great training on the basics of arbitrage which you can watch here!

“Every second you spend thinking about what somebody else has, is taking away time that you could create something for yourself.”
~Gary Vaynerchuk, entrepreneur, visionary

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