The Artistry of Creative Cooking

Creative Cooking is an Art.

The artistry of creative cooking is a whole world of scrumptious, soul-satisfying delight.  It’s like painting but the colors also have flavor.

If you search #FoodArt on Instagram you’ll get over 5 million results of people posting stunning videos and photos of their artistic food creations.  The hashtag #InstaFood pulls up 122 million posts and counting.

Audio Article – Creative Cooking:

At 23 I’ve been Cooking for 20 Years

I’ve always loved cooking. Beginning with helping my mom in the kitchen when I was just three, up to now, you could say I’ve been cooking all my life.

Sure there are days when cooking is just about seeing how quickly I can throw something together, but most of the time I tend to get into the artistry of cooking. I especially enjoy creating things without recipes. Of course this results in just about as many “okay” dishes as it does fantastic results, but even the failures inform future successes.

One of my favorite Saturday things is to cook for the family while listening to interesting podcasts. We’ve shared some of our favorites in this article.

Devani Alderson at age 3 and age 23

What is Art?

One of the things I love about building the iCreateDaily brand is how it has helped me to broaden the horizons of my perspective around what is art. I love being creative and enjoy painting, but I don’t imagine myself spending many hours painting. Now, I find incredible enjoyment in being creative and bringing artistry to whatever it is I’m doing.

I’ve discovered that the more creativity I bring to whatever it is I’m doing, the more I enjoy it. Creativity doesn’t belong to a craft or a field.
Your creativity belongs to you and whatever you’re doing.
~LeAura Alderson,

Creative Cooking and Food Bloggers

I’ve entertained the idea of creating a food blog, but it’s only been a passing interest. However, while researching this article and visiting beautiful sites with incredible creativity, I’ve had second—and third—helpings of thoughts about that!

I quickly fell down the rabbit-hole scrolling through drool-worthy food photos.  The @Rustic.Vegan shown next, is currently my favorite Instagram food account.  This guy has mastered food artistry, photography and presentation.  Every photo makes me want to go vegan and be a food blogger too!

To inspire others to create… is mastery in art, and the privilege of all creators.
~LeAura Alderson,


When I remember adventure, and challenge and artistry, my creativity returns and improves upon whatever moment it visits.
~LeAura Alderson,

When I remember adventure, and challenge and artistry, my creativity returns and improves upon whatever moment it visits. ~LeAura Alderson,  #adventure #quotes #creating

Cooking Movies

Julie & Julia

One of my favorite cooking movies is Julie & Julia, based on the true story of food blogger, Julie Powell.  Julie quits her boring life-sucking desk-job and embarks on a year-long journey of learning to cook. She followed Julia Child’s cookbooks and blogged every day of her journey for a year.

The movie also tracks Julia Child’s life and adventures in cooking.  It’s a wonderful side-by-side comparison of two women discovering their passion for food, in two vastly different eras. I highly recommend watching this while eating dinner because it will make you want to eat… and cook… and food blog. Julie Powell is inspired by Julia Child’s passion for French Cuisine, and that variations end up changing her life trajectory.


Another great food movie is Chef.  It’s about a guy who starts a food-truck business with his son, and they embark on a summer road trip. Father and son bond as they travel and work together. Son documents their journey on social media and drums up a following while teaching his dad about it. Dad teaches son how to make popular street foods that people.  Chef is an inspiring story of discovery, taking risks, pursuing your passions and family.

“A party without a cake is just a meeting.”
~Julia Child

"A party without a cake is just a meeting." ~Julia Child #cooking #art #creative #party

Creative Inspiration

One thing I’ve learned from observing other artists and through my own creations is: Creativity begets creativity.  Being around artistic people, making an idea from your mind into something real, watching, reading, or listening to someone’s work inspires the creator in us all.

Creativity begets creativity. What to be more creative? Hang out with those who are.
~Devani Alderson,

It’s taken a day and a half to write this article because I was so inspired by the creative presentations in cooking videos that I had to go try it for myself.  And then talk myself down from starting a food blog fueled by the artistic high.

“Cooking is like painting or writing a song. Just as there are only so many notes or colors, there are only so many flavors – it’s how you combine them that sets you apart.”
~Wolfgang Puck, American-Austrian celebrity chef

Food Art Videos

Want to get inspired quickly?  These artistic food and decorating videos are everything.  These videos made me want to jump up and get to cooking immediately.  Which is exactly what I did.  Photos and a recipe are below these videos.

SweetAmbs Cookie Tutorials

The SweetAmbs social media is a vortex of surgery delight and eye candy for every cookie lover.  Amber Spiegel has been creating cookie decorations and tutorials since 2008. She posts speed videos of the decorating on Instagram and Facebook and longer tutorials on YouTube.

I could watch her speed decorating videos for hours… of course, I won’t. *But I could.* 😉  Also, it looks like the universe tastes delicious.  #EnlightenedCookies.

Mosaic Sushi Art

Ahhhhhh Sushi!! One of my favorite foods. This is Mosaic Sushi, aka Shikai Maki Zushi (the official name).

Watching this video made my mouth water, and I’m definitely going to need to try making this.  But a vegetarian version.  Raw fish is NOT my cuppa’ tea–errr–rolla’ sushi.


How to Plate a Dish

This is an epic compilation of TONS of styles for “plating” a dish.  I just learned “plating” means how the food is artistically presented.  It’s a lot like painting sauces on a plate before adding the meal, and there are endless ways to make dishes look incredible.

Food presentation can be a practice in patience, determination, and how long you can hold your breath… because holding your breath helps you not mess up. Amiright, cooks?!  I will be taking tips from this video.



Here’s one more video on painting with food because it’s just so gorgeous! GAHH!  I really need to get back into the kitchen. 🙂  Paint your food and eat it too!

I know some iCreateDaily community members who, like me, may just be ready to take up food blogging after seeing this! 🤔



My Experiment in “Plating” Gluten-Free Muffins

And of course… I just had to try “plating” something!  I whipped up this gluten-free blueberry muffin recipe and created a blueberry syrup to paint the plate.  It’s insanely fun!  And of course, always cook in comfortably artistic t-shirts. 😉

gluten free blueberry muffins, creative cooking, gluten free muffins, oat muffins, blueberry
Devani Alderson, co-founder, iCreateDaily, creative cooking, making gluten free blueberry oat muffins with blueberry sauce. Image by Devani and

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