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I Will Be Kind to Myself

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The way you treat your own heart is the way you will end up treating everyone else’s – John Eldridge

I will be kind to myself and forgo all the negative talk, accusatory statements and guilt trips.  I will embrace who I am and love her.  I will encourage her to do better when needed, but I will not beat her up and put her down when she is less than stellar.  I will trust her judgment and not dismiss her heart.  I will praise her accomplishments and marvel at her creativity.  I will appreciate her beauty and sustain her strength.  I will pick her up when she falls and remind her that she is worthy and loved.  I will cherish her and help her move past her doubts and fears.  I will be her biggest cheerleader and applaud all she does.  I will love her like I would a daughter, and remind her that she is the daughter of a King and treat her as such.

I will be kind to her;

I will be kind to me!

For we are one and the same;

I am her!

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