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Keyword Ranking for Bloggers – Strategy Session

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Keyword Ranking for Bloggers – Strategy Session #iCreateDaily

Keyword ranking for bloggers is not a thing, but should be. In this episode, we’re morphing our occasional (very occasional) coaching sessions into strategy sessions with tips to help you grow your business in a review of an iCreateDaily community member—Hanna McCown’s—website and blog.

Writing content around the concept of keywords and SEO is the most important thing you can do to grow organic traffic beyond creating quality content.

For the best experience of this podcast, it’s best to tune in to the video version on our podcast site or on iTunes.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Titling articles for optimum traffic
  • How gaining local traffic can boost your overall traffic
  • How to leverage ideas and keywords to create content
  • How to create pillar articles and surrounding cluster content
  • Domain authority
  • How to use the keyword tool we use
  • How to identify keywords that you have a better chance to rank for
  • What’s more important than creating new content for your site
  • How anchor your authority—and thus ranking—over time for your optimal keyword
  • And more!


Hanna’s book on Amazon – the keyword tool that we use

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