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Time Disappears by Lynda Suzanne Wright

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Time disappears into space. This has allowed me to re-visit some older pieces and re-edit. (Always a good idea to at least consider doing that, I think.)

An original watercolor in the background, scanned object, numerous color and texture edits (some layers, some brushes used on small areas.)

Time Disappears by Lynda Suzanne Wright

Tell the Story of Your Art


Lynda created this during the iCreateDaily Creativity Challenge, and it’s a good example of giving story to your art. “Story” doesn’t have to be an imagined creation, though it can be. In this case, Lynda shared the story of the inspiration for her creation.

Clouds Reveal, by Lynda Suzanne Wright

I used a photo from a couple years back…and realized I THOUGHT the clouds were covering the mountains. Now I believe they REVEAL not only the mountains, but themselves. New perspective…so for some reason, I decided to age the photo with some textures.”

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