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Don’t Wait for Your Dreams… Choose to Live Now

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Don’t wait for motivation to inspire you. 
Do the thing and motivation will catch up to you. 
Don’t wait until you feel like it. 
Do the thing and the feelings will come to you.
Don’t wait to create the life of your dreams.
Do the thing and watch your vision unfold.

“Passion, like discriminating taste, grows on its use. You more likely act yourself into feeling than feel yourself into action.”
~Jerome Bruner, Harvard psychologist  1915–2016

Don’t Wait for a Heart Attack

Post heart attack treatment includes recommendations for improved diet and exercise. 

It’s the same for a hurt heart. 

The Wounded Heart

Whether from hurt or health, treatment for a recovering heart is similar. Both include: 

  • Healthy foods that nurture the body 
  • Exercise to strengthen it
  • Positive thoughts, activities and associations to elevate spirits 

Same as for any illness. 

Same thing for anxiety and depression.

We each have the power to change state and fate.

Yet most don’t.

Don’t Be Most — Don’t Wait

A 57 year old acquaintance with health challenges finally went to the doctor, where he received a dire cancer prognosis. He smoked and drank sugary sodas daily, two well known cancer culprits. 

He wouldn’t change. Within months he was gone. Him… his life… ended.

Another acquaintance around that same age had heart surgery and has diabetes. Both are remedial through lifestyle changes and yet he also persists in a number of lifestyle choices that are known contributors to his health issues. 

We have free will… the freedom to choose, however, we don’t have freedom from consequence.

If we do what’s hard now, later will be easier. If we do what’s easy now, later will be harder.


“These days we’re drowning in information but starving for motivation.”
~Stealing Fire by Steven Kotler and Jamie Wheal

The authors of Stealing Fire go on to describe a Harvard study that confronted patients with lifestyle related diseases that would kill them if they didn’t change. Yet 87% did not change.

In a Harvard study on disease versus lifestyle change, 6 out of 7 patients chose not to.
~Harvard study in Immunity to Change

Don’t be a statistic. Survive and thrive by choosing to do what you know is best for you. Don’t wait.

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