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Twitter for Authors with Tim Lewis

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Twitter for Authors with Tim Lewis #iCreateDaily #Interviews #Podcast

In a world where anyone can write a book and stick it up online, learning the business of being an author is crucial.  You’re not only competing for attention with other authors, but with anyone who publishes content online as well.

Tim Lewis shares his story of what he’s learned so far in his journey of becoming a writer, podcaster and eventually, social media marketer. Tim shares what has and hasn’t worked so well for him, and he makes it clear that he hasn’t yet arrived at a full time income from his author endeavors, but he’s in the journey.

Meanwhile, if you’re just getting started, or early on in your journey, you may hear something in Tim’s experience thus far to help you in yours.

Time shares advice about how you can grow and leverage a social media following to build relationships with readers, collaborators, and influencers and the benefit of trailers for authors.

When it comes to social media, Tim favors Twitter and shares why and tips for being more efficient with it. We also discuss some of the relationship building principles relevant to these social networks.

Also an important note, the strategy for building an audience can serve any type of creator. The core fundamentals of relationship building are the same, you just adjust the platform and content mediums. So visual artists might choose Instagram as a primary focus, musicians would want to pick SoundCloud and the various audio platforms.

Tim Lewis recommends Twitter for authors and shares some helpful and actionable tips for how to make the most out of Twitter. Tim also shares his approach for posting and engaging regularly on social media.

No matter how much the world speeds up, one thing remains the same: people like connecting with people. It all boils down to the essentiality of creating relationships to build your tribe.

To summarize, in this interview we discuss:

  • NanoWrimo
  • Twitter for authors
  • Social media engagement
  • GoodReads for authors
  • Trailers for authors
  • Content marketing for authors
  • The most promising avenue for authors for promoting their books
  • Advantage of offering free books
  • There’s more profit in
  • The pros and cons of income potential for authors
  • Very practical perspective on author profitability and potential

“It’s no easier to be a success than it was say 20 years ago, but it’s a lot cheaper to try.”

~Tim Lewis


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Tim’s Books on Amazon

Known, by Mark Schaefer

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“It’s no easier to be a success than it was say 20 years ago, but it’s a lot cheaper to try.” ~Tim Lewis #iCreateDaily #Interviews #Podcast

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