Creative Minds: Habits of Successful Creators

Let’s face it; creative minds tend to wander.  One fascinating thing we’ve learned from our own experience, as well as that of many successful creators, is that the constraint of habits serve to create flow.  Many success stories are based on daily habits and routines that compound over time and lead to greater creative freedom and success.

Audio Article: Habits of Successful Creators

Habits of Successful Artists

One popular habit we’ve heard from many entrepreneurs and creators, like Tim Ferriss, famed author of the 4 Hour Work Week and many other stellar books, is that they never start their day with email or social media.  Email and social media put you into reaction mode.  We’ve certainly noticed the difference in our own productivity when we start our day with creative writing vs responding to external demands.

It’s astonishing how the most productive hours of the morning can be so quickly gobbled up by responding to notifications. Sometimes it’s unavoidable, however, far better to inculcate the habit of time blocking during your most productive hours of the day.

Save the social responses and emails for later in the day when you’re tired and chances are the engaging conversation will help perk up your energy too, so a double win: product morning, energized later by contributing and engaging with your audience and email.

On the iCreateDaily Podcast, we enjoy learning the daily habits of successful creators. Below are profiles of highly productive creators and their daily habits.  Can you guess the most common success habit shared by most? They make time for creating every day.

If you’ve been struggling with your own productivity, try implementing just one productive habit for a week. Next week, add another.
~Devani Alderson,

Jeff Goins – Bestselling Author, Award-Winning Blogger and Internet Entrepreneur

Image credit: Ashley Goins

You don’t just become a 2-times bestselling author and award-winning blogger without solid habits in place, and Jeff Goins is no exception.

Jeff is a busy guy, he writes books, publishes a daily blog post, speaks at events including his own Tribe Writers Live conference, and hosts the Tribe Writers online writing course.

Jeff is also the father to two young kids, husband to Ashley Goins… oh, and a podcaster! The Portfolio Life is a podcast where Jeff shares: “Thoughts & ideas that will help you to pursue work that matters, make a difference with your art & discover your true voice.” 

Jeff Goins’s Success Habits:

  • Write 500 words a day
  • Running early each morning
  • 3 Bucket Writing system
  • Intentionally taking breaks from social media

“When I started writing every day, I realized a painful truth: I can’t react and create at the same time. Neither can you.”
~ Jeff Goins, You Are A Writer

Sara Blakely – Founder of Spanx, Billionaire Businesswoman and Investor

Image: Sara Blakely’s Facebook Page

Sara Blakely went from selling fax machines door-to-door, to innovating an idea that revolutionized women’s underwear.  So how do you make the leap from being a fax seller to recreating an entire industry and becoming a billionaire?

With guest appearances on Shark Tank, a marriage and 4 kids all under the age of 7, we can probably learn a thing or two about productive habits from Sara.  Sara could not have achieved her amazing success story of creating and running a billion dollar company and now investing in mostly women-owned companies and non-profits, without positive habits that helped make it all possible.

Sara’s favorite time to think and generate ideas is while driving.  Because Sara lives five minutes from her office, she purposefully takes detours to extend the drive, just for the treasured time to ideate!

Sara Blakely’s Success Habits

  • 6:30 am yoga at home
  • Healthy breakfast smoothie every morning
  • Creates commute time for generating and developing ideas
  • Schedules task-focused days

If you’re also busy with running your creative endeavors, business, family, work… It’s important to find a quiet time to think. Whether it’s during your office commute, rising early before the family is awake, or staying up late, find—or create—the quiet creative time that works for you.

Perseverance is the key to starting a successful business.”
Sara Blakely

Hugh McLeod – Visual Artist Entrepreneur, Public Speaker and Creative Genius

Image: Wikimedia Commons

Hugh McLeod is a comic artist, speaker, and entrepreneur. His unique work is featured in the halls of corporations around the world, such as Microsoft and Zappos.  Hugh speaks to businesses and brands about the importance of creativity.

Hugh believes: “art has the power to transform business.”  He gives speeches about creativity and it’s application in business, and he been creating out of the box art and cartoons for over 20 years.

Huge McLeod’s Success Habits

  • Write everyday
  • Cube grenades*
  • Daily email to subscribers
  • Daily business card for someone he admires (and ships them 100 for free!)

Hugh says:  “I have to do those four things every day. It’s all about work ethic and continuity.”

*“Cube Grenades”- small objects that you “throw” in there to cause some damage, to start a conversation, to spread an idea etc.  You can read the full story here.

“I work extremely hard doing what I love. Mainly to ensure that I don’t have to work extremely hard doing what I hate.”
~Hugh MaCleod

Drawing/Image/Quote: Hugh McLeod

Tom Bilyeu – Successful Entrepreneur, Impeccible Host and Founder of Impact Theory

Image from: Tom Bilyeu’s Facebook

One of our favorite entrepreneurs is Tom Bilyeu.  Tom founded Quest Nutrition in 2010, a company now valued at over a billion dollars!  Tom started Quest as part of his quest to help his family eat healthier foods that also tasted good.

Tom expanded Quest to include tasty healthy snacks, protein shakes and bars before selling Quest around 2015-16. Tom’s next great endeavor is Impact Theory, a brand to help others achieve success through changing their mindset and interviewing some of the world’s most successful top achievers.

Impact Theory’s mission is: “…to free people from The Matrix. Said another way, we want to end the poverty of poor mindset.”

Tom Bilyeu is not only an expert interviewer but is a master of a positive mindset, insane work ethic and other positive habits.  He’s all about helping people master their minds and bodies so they can achieve purpose driven productivity and realize their goals.

Tom did not start out being the genius businessman he’s known for today. In fact, while it’s hard to believe, Tom says he used to be a super lazy, unmotivated, and uninspired underachiever. Once he discovered a compelling purpose—helping his family overcome morbid obesity and get healthy—Tom was able to begin changing his lazy habits into productive ones.

Tom Bilyeu’s Habits:

  • Good sleep
  • Working out
  • Meditation
  • Reading
  • Ignoring Email

You can read the full 7 Habits from Tom Bilyeu here.

Dissect how you spend your time. It reveals your priorities.
~ Tom Bilyeu; founder of Impact Theory

Sustain Daily Creation with Positive Habits

When we started iCreateDaily, we only had about three articles on the website for the first few months. That’s pretty sad for a company called “iCreateDaily” right?! Of course, it’s not like we were being idle.  We had other brands to manage.  LeAura was already averaging 12-13 hour work days, 7 days a week.  I was managing client accounts as well as our family brands.  Then LeAura committed to writing an article a day for iCreateDaily.

That was one of her 90 Day Goals for the first Quarter of 2018.  I am not writing an article a day yet, I help by uploading the audios and creating the visuals for publishing the articles.  Because we have both established our own habits of writing and prepping content for publishing each day, we have over 100 articles in addition to 80th podcast episodes as of July of 31, 2018.

Want to know the most interesting thing we’ve discovered?  Adding this habit to an already intense work load hasn’t really  added that much additional time to our daily workload.  Yes, we still both average 13 hour days, 7 days a week.  That’s just part of our current journey.  But we’re in this for the long haul, building brands is our creative craft.  Creativity is a habit.

Positive habits elevate your environment even if your environment doesn’t currently elevate you.  You inspire those who also want to be in touch with their creative spark.  But most importantly, elevating yourself through habits makes you feel good.

Creativity is a habit.
~Devani Alderson;

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