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Musical Dramedy Creator – Ali Skylar

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Musical Dramedy Creator – Ali Skylar #iCreateDaily #Interviews #Podcast

Ali Skylar is an incredibly talented screenplay writer, musical composer and wordsmith who’s finally bringing her dramedy to life on stage!

Ali hasn’t “arrived” yet. She’s in the thick of her journey. Her musical play is not yet on long-running stages. But Ali has arrived at so many epiphanies along the way that she realizes this journey of becoming is as much a part of the destination and the end goal.

We really appreciated Ali’s candid sharing about the creator’s struggles and being a “one woman show”. Like many artists, Ali is at the place in the building of her business where she’s wearing all hats and doing all the work while also “running a household”.

During this interview we also get into some mastermind style brainstorming of ideas of things Ali can do and try to get more exposure to her work.

In this interview, we discuss:

  • Ali’s journey from children’s theatre playwright, producer, musician and performer to playwright
  • How she came back to finishing her musical dramedy a few years ago
  • How Ali’s dramedy was born from her own life challenges
  • The struggles to find balance between the love of family and the work you love
  • How so often creativity the inspiration to create arises from conflict and difficulties
  • The importance of enjoying the journey
  • Committing to your work for the long haul
  • The only way to succeed at realizing your dreams
  • Ali’s creative, musical and theatrical family
  • Ideas of things Ali can do to get her work found
  • Ideas for bulk sales of Ali’s books and products
  • Ideas for corporations Ali might contact for her services
  • And more!

We hope you enjoy this episode with Ali. If you’re in the journey, come hang out with us for an enjoyable and elucidating conversation with Ali Skylar.


Ali’s Dramedy in Morristown, NJ on 3/14/18

Ali’s Website:

Ali’s Musical Play page

Michelle Khouri’s Podcast – episode 23 with Taylor M. Dooley, One Person Shows

LeAura’s interviews with Ali back in 2015 for


Your Invisible Power by Genevieve Behrend

Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holiday

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