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My Life is Abundant

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Not what we have, but what we enjoy, constitutes abundance- Epicurus

My life is beautifully and wonderfully abundant. It is brimming with relationships and friendships that wash over me bathing me in their love. My life is filled with such an eclectic mix of people that bring meaning and joy to my life. This Love is the greatest abundance in my life. 
Art and nature also fill my life and shape my mind towards gratitude and an overflowing of abundance. When I create I flow in the freedom of more. I feel more alive and tapped into a never ending stream of thoughts, ideas and dreams. My creations are birthed out of this abundance and become my offering back to the world. Nature is the muse that ignites this desire within me to emulate its beauty through my own creations. To engage with nature is to engage with the Creator, and it expands my heart and awakens my soul.

The abundance of my life holds me tight in the folds of love, joy and gratitude. I am abundantly grateful for the joy I receive through relationship, art and nature because of the love of the Creator.

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