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Spring Haiku Poems to Put a Spring in Your Step

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Spring haiku poems are a fun way to shed the winter doldrums and cast your vision toward spring dreaming. Traditionally, haiku poetry was about nature.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Excitement abounds. Each little head that pops up gets greeted.
~Shannon Schofield, poet, writer, gardener, b.2/23/1977

About Haiku Poetry

Modern haiku can be about any topic under the sun.  However, haiku, originating in Japan, was about capturing the essence of nature’s wonder in simple three line haiku poems, and nature is still the most popular subject matter for haikus*. In fact, it’s often the experience of awe at nature’s magnificence that inspires us to find those few words that might describe that wonder.

It could be said that haiku poetry is about describing the indescribable… the hidden essence felt as presence, or the hidden essence behind it all. Haiku is equally about stating the obvious as it is giving meaning to the intangible.

*Haiku is both singular and plural, so it’s not technically correct to say haikus, though it is a common occurrence in English.

A Growing Collection of Spring Haiku Poems

Toward that, we’re creating a growing collection of spring haikus in this article. Feel free to send yours and we’re glad to add them here. These are just the first buds of spring popping up with many more to come!


Air Haiku – Fresh Spring Air Haiku

The soft morning air,
Brushes my cheek like velvet,
It’s Spring’s gentle kiss.

Linette Jensen, artist, gardener, rabbit raiser

Anticipation Haiku

A Gardener’s Haiku

Keyboards before me,
barefoot on the fertile patch,

Louis Lachowsky, gardener

They’re not up here yet
I can’t wait to see them bloom

Artist, poet, Amalie Stoneman

Awakening Haiku

Eternal Spring
Awake how my heart doth sing
Green colored earth

Julie Courtois, writer, poet


Cave dweller peeks out
Dawn calls behind sheltered clouds
Hibernate no more

Haiku by Beth Murphyhaiku & tanka poet

Beth’s art description of this hibernation haiku is interesting and actually quite relatable!

Hibernation for Winter or Spring:
“This actually looks like a spring Haiku relating to hibernating animals… however, it’s not what it seems. For me the ‘writing hibernation’ is the opposite – wishing to spend outside time and less ‘inside my creative mind’ during the warmer months. Now, [this was written in November] we are more bound to be inside, [so] the creative inner hibernation for me has ended. I have a clearer mind when I am not competing with all the fond outside experiences of being a summer girl. PS feeling unstuck!”

SPRING HAIKU - AWAKENING HAIKU-#SpringHaikuPoem #SpringHaiku #HaikuPoem #SpringPoems #Poetry #HaikuPoetry #iCreateDaily #AwakenPoem
Haiku by Beth Murphyhaiku & tanka poet – Image by Pexels from Pixabay


Rise from winter’s nap
Stretch to feel the sun’s warm rays
Spring is among us

~Shannon Schofield, poet, writer, gardener, b.2/23/1977


Spring dreaming awake
Shaking off winter’s slumber
Flowers yawn at dawn.

LeAura Alderson, creator®
SPRING HAIKU and Purple Flowers ART-Awakening-#SpringHaikuPoem #SpringHaiku #HaikuPoem #SpringPoems #Poetry #HaikuPoetry #iCreateDaily #AwakenPoem
Image by jiao tang from Pixabay

Barefoot Haiku

A Gardener’s Haiku

Keyboards before me,
barefoot on the fertile patch,

~Louis Lachowsky, gardener
A Gardener's Haiku  Keyboards before me,  barefoot on the fertile patch,  anticipation.
Image by Melissa Wilt from Pixabay


I breathe in the Spring.
See Mother Nature winking.
Grass between my toes.

Julie (Meehan) Courtois, poet, writer

Bees Haiku

My neighbor has bees,
I grow and harvest fruit trees.
We’re symbiotic…

Louis Lachowsky, gardener
Spring Bees Haiku #SpringHaiku #BeesHaiku #Nature #Symbiotic #NatureHaiku #GardenHaiku #Haiku #LouisLachowsky #iCreateDaily
Image by Capri23auto from Pixabay

Butterfly Haiku

A BUTTERFLY — Famous Haiku Poem & Poet

Floating in the breeze,
A single butterfly.

~Masaoka Shiki, Japanese poet, author, 1867-1902
NOTE: Japanese translated poems syllables will vary in English, plus Haiku Poems don’t all follow the 5-7-5 rule
SPRING HAIKU, BUTTERFLY HAIKU, and Crocus Art #SpringHaikuPoem #SpringHaiku #HaikuPoem #SpringPoems #Poetry #HaikuPoetry #iCreateDaily #CrocusPoem
Image by ArtTower from Pixabay

Cherry Blossom Haiku


Cherry blossoms bloom
The air is warm and sweet
I will play hooky.

~Kathy Furgal, artist, crafter, teacher
SPRING HAIKU, CHERRY BLOSSOM HAIKU, Cherry #SpringHaikuPoem #SpringHaiku #HaikuPoem #SpringPoems #Poetry #HaikuPoetry #iCreateDaily #CrocusPoem
Image by LoggaWiggler from Pixabay

Clover Haiku

“I collect many leafed clovers, it’s kind of a hobby of mine. (Or mania depending on who you ask.) l wrote a haiku the other day while I was searching for clover patches.”
~Linette Jensen, artist, gardener, rabbit raiser

Luck plucked from the grass,
quartered leaves carefully pressed,
twixt word specked pages.

~Linette Jensen, artist, gardener, rabbit raiser

Crocus Haiku


Crocus whispering
To my hungry ears today
Spring will be here soon

~Shannon Schofield, poet, writer, gardener, b.2/23/1977
SPRING CROCUS HAIKU and Crocus Art #SpringHaikuPoem #SpringHaiku #HaikuPoem #SpringPoems #Poetry #HaikuPoetry #iCreateDaily #CrocusPoem
Haiku by Shannon DeAnna Schofield, poet, author, beekeeper – Digital crocus painting by ArtTower from Pixabay

Daffodil Haiku

Spring garden dreaming.
Shaking off winter slumber.
Daffodils appear.

LeAura Alderson, creator®


Daisies come to see
What the daffodils do know
Spring has come to life

Haiku by Shannon DeAnna Schofield, poet, author, beekeeper

Daffodils lift heads,
golden dancers gently sway.
Hopeful early spring.

~Deborah Ann Tayloe, writer, gardener, blogger

Dance of Spring Haiku

Spring is here once more,
familiar as an old song,
but with a new dance.

Linette Jensen, artist, gardener, rabbit raiser

Fun and Funny Haiku Poems

Yellow skunk cabbage
Fills my unhappy nostrils
With pungent odors

~Teresa Basaldua, artist, retired elementary teacher, boondocker-traveling US

Joy of Spring Haiku

Sweet smells on the breeze
My whole being awakens
Drinking in much joy.

~Jaymee Thompson, artist

Flowers Haiku

Flowers Stand Tall – SPRING HAIKU

Flowers stand so tall
Reaching to catch the sun’s rays
Their blooms praise springtime

~Louise DeBell, creator, poet, teacher

Spring beauties rising
From the ground’s brown leaf carpet
Delicate Spring bloom.

Martha Stevens Grow, calligraphy artist, poet
Spring Haiku-spring beauties rising-brown leaf carpet-Martha
Haiku and photo by calligraphy artist, Martha Stevens Grow

Garden Haiku

Woman who gardens,
butterflies land on her hands
alighting delight.

Marcia Davidson Biggerstaff

Growth Haiku


Warmer temperatures 
And time of rebirth to clothe. 
A season of growth. 

~Mieka Peebles, writer
SPRING HAIKU - FLOWER HAIKU Tulips Haiku - Flower haiku - Loving spring! #SpringHaiku #HaikuPoem #SpringPoems #Poetry #HaikuPoetry #iCreateDaily #FlowerPoem #FlowerHaiku #SpringGrowthHaiku

Hyacinths Spring Haiku

The hyacinths peek
The crocus just broke the ground
Spring is slow, but here.

Artist, poet, Amalie Stoneman

Hydrangea Spring Haiku

Hydrangea sprouts.
Winter was bitter and long.
Purple flowers shout.

~Haiku by Susanna Holman, artist, gardener

Iris Haiku


Iris greets the sun; 
once I see her I’m undone! 
Thankful come what may.

~Haiku by Susanna Holman, artist

Joy Spring Haiku

Joyous happy smells
Watching buds begin to show
Spring season of heart

Louise DeBell, speaker, poet,

Irish Haiku

Irish born I am
Ties bind me to the Motherland
Ethereal thread

Julie Courtois, writer, poet
Irish born-ties bind me
Image by Greg Montani from Pixabay

Lilacs and Spring Haiku


How green is the land
As lilac blooms are budding
Color soon will show

~Louise DeBell, creator, poet, teacher

Rose Haiku

Commanding your eyes
Would you gaze into my soul
I am sunset rose

~Shannon Schofield, poet, writer, gardener, beekeeper

Spring Warming

Sun reaches higher
Be still my achy, cold heart
Warming ground, roots, soul

~Shannon Schofield, poet, writer, gardener, beekeeper
Sun, roots, soil, warming, SPRING HAIKU by Shannon Schofield. #SpringHaiku #SunHaiku, #SoilHaiku, 
#ShannonSchofield #iCreateDaily #HaikuPoetry

St. Patrick’s Day Haiku

Irish magic sprouts
Shamrocks dot the farmers field
Wink of faeries luck.

Haiku by Beth Murphyhaiku & tanka poet
St-Patricks-Day-faeries-luck haiku

Trees – Spring Haiku


Trees wear green lace now
Gently blows the Spring Breeze wow
Flowers popping up.

Julie Courtois, writer, poet



As dogwood blossoms 
Beckon my vision outward,
My view fills with spring.

~Lynda Suzanne Wright, creator, artist, retired teacher

Share Your Spring Haiku Poem

We’d love to read and share your spring haiku poem. If you’re also a visual artist, we’d love to share your spring art and your spring haiku poem. Send it to us, and we’ll publish it with tribute to you, and let you know when it’s up as well.

Want More Haiku Poem Examples?

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Spring Poetry

Spring Poem – Spring Breeze

Oh how gentle a spring breeze is.
Like a mother’s tender touch it is.
I just have to say, there is nothing
as amazing as an early spring day.

Julie Courtois, writer, poet

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