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Don’t Fear the Future – How to Replace Anxiety With Peace

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dont fear the future

Did you know that most anxiety is from fear of an unknown future? So if we don’t fear the future, we don’t feel anxiety.

With current events in daily life it’s more challenging than ever to ignore the scare-mongering in the media that causes us to fear future events. But it’s possible, doable and actually not that hard.

It’s a habit to cultivate, like any other good habit.

What If?

In looking back over the past year of daily emails to the iCreateDaily community, as well as articles here, there are many that contain the phrase, “What if…?”

There is a LOT of power and potential in those two little words, for they speak to choice and perspective, decision and action. They are like a seed hiding latent, an entire orchard.

What if we don’t fear the future, but rather, see the unknown future as a gift… as an abundant future to eagerly open?

Opening The Gift of The Future

What if each experience — good, bad, and neutral — were viewed as a gift to open for the lesson it contained?

Imagine now, opening a gift and in it — rushing out to greet you —  is a wave of uplifting energy as you transmute a struggle into the gift of a lesson… with subsequent learning and upliftment?

It is possible. It works.  How we choose to view whatever happens, transforms the experience. It transforms us. It transforms everything for us.

What if, in these turbulent times we recognize that we are living the history of a new revolution toward new revelations of being and living and becoming?

We do not mind the mess of a home renovation for we know it is there to build something better than was there before. So we tolerate the dust and disruption to our routines in anticipation of the gift of the new.

That is where we are as a global civilization… as humanity and as the planet. We are evolving to our next turn of the spiral of being.

Fearing the future doesn’t change the future but it changes us.
~LeAura Alderson, creator – ®

Heading Into Adventure

If we’re getting ready for a vacation to a place we’ve wanted to go to but have never yet been, we don’t get fearful about that place. Instead, we look forward to it with eager anticipation.

Humanity is heading toward a new and exciting destination. We can release the fear of the unknown by eagerly anticipating the new and the different. We tolerate the tiresome travel, and disruptions to the travel schedule as blips along the way as we focus on the new experiences we are bound for.

We cannot stop the evolution of humanity. If it doesn’t look today as we think it should, we can change it through our perspective by how we view it and by what we focus on.

Let Go the Fear, Dear

Let go the fear and worry. Let go a sense of loss, for we have lived the past. Now, the present and future deserve our full attention.

What if we awaken each day and open it as the gift that it is, with eager anticipation for whatever may come, while doing all that we can to elevate ourselves and those around us.

We can open the gift of the future in the same way.

We cannot control what happens to us, but we can control and transmute our response to it. We are creators… alchemists, here to transform matter, and in so doing we transform ourselves.

Do not judge if you will like it. Do not resist or fear the inevitable lest you miss the precious present. Find yourself in your response to it.

Do not fear the unknown future. Throw open the door of your heart to embrace it, and welcome it in.

10 Natural Tools for Peace of Mind

Notice that most of these are verbs… action words, because positive action diffuses fear.

  1. Breathing
  2. Creating
  3. Dancing
  4. Gratitude
  5. Helping
  6. Laughing / Smiling
  7. Meditation
  8. Music 
  9. Singing 
  10. Walking

What tools for natural tools for peace of mind to you employ as needed? When we focus on a longevity mindset that relaxes into building the future that will be, it gives fear time off. In fact, it replace fear with optimism and hope.

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