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Be Conscious Creators – Dreaming into Being

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Conscious Creators: Many artists perceive the creative process as a kind of spiritual experience. What a blessing to be conscious creators, able to take ideas from mind to manifestation, from dreaming into being. #ConsciousCreators #ConsciousCreation

Many artists and entrepreneurs perceive the creative process as a kind of spiritual experience. We can be conscious creators, capable of bringing ideas from mind into manifestation, from dreaming into being.

Humans are uniquely capable of creating… of conceiving an idea, contemplating it, working with it, molding it, writing it, and sculpting it into reality.

Weavers of dreams and makers of worlds, creators are aligned with human destiny: to become fully conscious creators, making something out of nothing, and bringing beauty to life… color to dark… essence to character.

The Law of Attraction is real, so we must be careful what it is that we’re attracting into our lives. Conscious creators employ conscious creation through goal setting, visioning, and daily action.

What’s important is that you latch onto a vision and you learn how to create it.
~Dr. Joe Dispenza, D.C., neuroscientist, lecturer, author

What We See

If we see too much bad news, it’s because that’s what we’re focusing on… what we’re allowing to enter in the precious space of the sanctum of our psyche.

But there’s another parallel story happening. It’s a story of love and abundance, creativity and compassion unleashed to solve big problems. It is the story of our infinite human potential. 

It is the story of the best of humanity.

That’s what we choose to tune into and immerse in. And we are MOST GRATEFUL for the incredible message and lesson shared by a man we consider to be one of the most elevated of our times. 

If you read no further, then at least tune into the video at the end of this article. 

It is life changing. Truly.

Imagination is a doorway into the Divine.
~Margaret Paul, Ph.D., relationship expert, author, artist

IMAGINATION QUOTE: Imagination is a doorway into the Divine.
~Margaret Paul, Ph.D., relationship expert, author, artist #ConsciousCreators #ConsciousCreation #Imagination #CreativeSpirituality #iCreateDaily

Artists of Industry

Entrepreneurs are makers of business… artists of industry. Artist entrepreneurs.

It takes a strong mind to hold a vision of a business and bring it to life, and to hold that vision for the long haul. For creators, the only thing holding the creation together is the power of mind, and of fortitude. It is the ability to not only start something but to sustain it and hold that vision for the long haul, through adversity and failures.

Creators are the nexus of their creation. It takes a powerful mind to hold a vision long enough to bring it to life. It is no wonder that many artists through the ages were also tormented souls enfleshed in human limitations and misunderstood by the societies of their time.

Yet… it is artists who led the way in the Renaissance. It is artists who will lead the way—in the present and future—to love through the magic and alchemy of the creative process. For, ever it is that the artist brings her love to life, by loving her creation into being.

The artist brings her love to life by loving her creation into being.
~LeAura Alderson, writer, editor, creator ®

The artist brings her love to life by loving her creation into being.
~LeAura Alderson,®. #Quotes #Inspiration #ConsciousCreators #ConsciousCreation #Creativity #Creation #BringLoveToLife

Conscious Creators

To consciously work on pouring out what is within and shaping it into existence, is immensely rewarding. No matter your artistic or entrepreneurial endeavor, to achieve the success you’re capable of attaining, requires vision. You must also work to consciously create your life in order to bring your work more fully into being.

No matter your artistic or entrepreneurial endeavor, to achieve the success you’re capable of attaining, requires vision. To bring your work to life… and life to your work, you must also consciously create your life.

You may also enjoy this podcast on consciousness and creativity.

Idea to inception… mind to manifestation. That is the wondrous creator’s journey.
~LeAura Alderson, writer, editor, creator ®

Idea to inception… mind to manifestation. That is the wondrous creator’s journey.
~LeAura Alderson,® #Quotes #Inspiration #ConsciousCreators #ConsciousCreation #iCreateDaily #TheDayIsTheWay

Artists are Conscious Creators in Training

Creativity is the training ground for consciously manifesting the life you want to live.

We believe that is in large measure, what we are here to do as humans: to consciously create.

More than art, and writing and music… though that is all vital. But to create life through manifestation in the same way we manifest our art.

From painting canvases… or text on screens… we are painting the canvas of mind and writing our lives into being.

We are the authors of our lives.

“Instead of living by cause and effect, let’s learn how to cause an effect.”
~Dr. Joe Dispenza, D.C., neuroscientist, lecturer, author

Conscious Creation

To try helpful strategies for whatever troubles you, and to say they don’t work would be like going to the gym once or twice and saying that exercise didn’t really work for you.

Whether it’s exercise, health and diet, relief from stress, anxiety, worry, or depression, or something else, there are likely lots of ready resources to help. Consistency over time makes all the difference, and the more we do it the easier it gets and the more it helps.

The iCreateDaily brand began as a brand to support creators serious about their work.

The more we immerse in the creative realm, the more our awareness opens to the recognition that creativity is closely connected with our divinity, and our destiny as humans. The destiny of manifestation through conscious creation.

Creating is the precursor… the training ground for conscious manifestation.
~LeAura Alderson, writer, editor, creator ®

Vision is Vital

The only way to create a piece of art, or writing or music is to vision it and then do the work to create it. To create the life we want to live is to do the same.

We must envision living our future life in the present, and we must refresh and embody that vision each day.

There is no area of life that is not improved through positive conscious creation.

Getting Unstuck

In order to become more conscious creators we need to shed the “fear body” like an old garment that no longer fits, and rise into the light body of our beautiful potential. Staying stuck is a choice. So is getting unstuck.

The tools we learn and know, work, if we will but use them. Toward that, here are several tools we use that work for us and for others.

Tried and true… here are four simple steps for when you’re feeling stuck that work if applied.


Gratitude is one of the most powerful of all steps for getting unstuck.

If you immerse in positive and productive diversions, instead of the news and media, that will go A LONG WAY toward helping to alleviate anxiety and fear.

Bottom line? If you’re feeling stuck, elevate, and keep on elevating until you rise out of being stuck in that negative fear loop.

Creativity is needed in all areas of life. We are creating life itself through creation and procreation, and through conscious creation we purposefully create the life we wish to live.

Believe yourself to be what you want to be, and you can accomplish anything.
~Lindsey Stirling, violinist, songwriter, dancer, b.9/21/1986

Must See Conversation for Creators in Training

The amazing Dr. Joe Dispenza healed himself, restoring his ability to walk, through the power of visioning and positivity alone. Now he’s helping millions of people heal their affliction and emotional wounds by teaching them to do what he discovered for himself.

They’re tracking it scientifically, and, it’s working.

Do yourself a favor and watch this and read his books. Immerse. This is about your power to transform anything in your life. And… yes, you… have… the… power.

You just need to wake it up and put it to work.

So grateful for so many amazing resources available to us today for free.

Whatever it is that is your vision, your just going to have to be passionate enough, to invest your attention and your energy into that future, over and over again, until all of a sudden, you start seeing feedback in your life.
~Dr. Joe Dispenza, D.C., neuroscientist, lecturer, author

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”
Carl Jung, Swiss psychiatrist, founder-analytical psychology, 1875-1961

How Our Creations Change Us

Shots of Awe With Jason Silva

And for a shot of awe, join Jason Silva’s fantastical meandering through the concept of how our creations change us.

Ontological design is where everything that we design is designing us back. We mirror the environment that we create.
~Jason Silva, storyteller, futurist, keynote speaker, b.2/6/1982

I’m fascinated by the extent to which our environment molds and shapes us. How what is without becomes within.
~Jason Silva, philosopher, filmmaker, speaker, b.2/6/1982

The Pages of Your Life

“What are you writing onto the pages of your life today? You are the author of this book.
Write it as you wish it to be and that will become your recipe.”
~LeAura Alderson, writer, editor, creator ®

MCEscher Hands-What are you writing on the pages of your
One of MC Escher’s most famous paintings of two hands in an endless loop of each creating the other. 
Maurits Cornelis Escher, graphic artist (1898-1972),

Each Day We Are Becoming

We have the choice of becoming more.

Or settling for less. The more won’t come on it’s own. 

We have to want it, seek it, fight for…  and defend it.

We can consciously choose to be more creative, more loving, more open, more receptive, more patient, more persistent, more positive, more compassionate, more thoughtful, more healthy… more of whom we’re here to be. 

And less of that which shadows our light. 

These ‘mores’ all bring greater life, greater abundance and greater joy, and one leads to the other and then another.

So it’s not such a tall order, for these qualities are all good friends with each other and where you find one you will find the others. 

Transcendence and Awakening

This Transcendence music video by Lindsey Stirling could also be called “Awakening”. It beautifully and creatively symbolizes the concept of breaking free of conditioning and to become conscious creators, through awareness, visioning and action.

Consciousness Precedes Being

“Consciousness precedes Being, and not the other way around… For this reason, the salvation of this human world lies nowhere else than in the human heart, in the human power to reflect, in human modesty, and in human responsibility. Without a global revolution in the sphere of human consciousness, nothing will change for the better.”

~ Václav Havelwriter, playwright, author, last President of Czechoslovakia, 1936-2011

SOURCE: The Art of the Impossible: Politics as Morality in Practice

“Forget the mistake. Remember the lesson.”

Bring It

In this solar system… Light is life.

When life gets increasingly complex and worrisome… doubtful, scary, hateful, and all the many variants of negatives we see today, we can boil it down to a very basic, yet powerful focus:

In times of decision and choice, ask:
“Does this increase my light (life), or diminish it?”

In times of interaction and connection, ask:
“Am I contributing light or diminishing it?”

Be the Light… your light, as only you can. Create your day through conscious creation.


Seek the Light.
Find the Light. 
Bring the Light.
Be the Light.

LeAura Alderson, ®

Seek the Light.
Find the Light. 
Bring the Light.
Be the Light.

Paving the Way

The grip of fear lets in the darkness,
where hate and anger make room for it.

Positivity flings open the shutters bolted by fear
ushering optimism to take up residence.

Gratitude is the messenger of Light
Issuing invitation for Spirit to abide.

‘I build a lighted house, and therein dwell.’


We are the alchemists of our own lives, ordained by divinity, for we are The Light. We need not live in the shadows of uncertainty for we have the power to dispel them.

From Light we come and unto Light we return… Here to add our eternal spark to the consciousness of the world as conscious creators.

What Beauty might we create today…? What Light… What Love?
Because we can. Because we must. Because that is our purpose.
~LeAura Alderson, writer, editor, creator ®

“In this moment, I honor my divinity through my thoughts, choices, actions and creations. In so doing, I uplift myself and others.”
~LeAura Alderson, writer, editor, creator ®

“I am now choosing to stand in my awareness as The Creative Source that brings about the change that is required in my life. I am doing this through intention.”
~Paul Selig, clairaudient medium, author, b.10/24/1961

SOURCE: The Book of Love, channeled by Paul Selig

Get Gratitude.

The Day is the Way.

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