About Lynne

Art-making is about “seeing” things – sometimes in the world, sometimes in my mind – and then trying to squeeze the vision out my fingers onto the canvas. Sometimes it turns out better than imagined. Always it is its own thing.

Most of the time, I work semi-abstract paintings primarily in acrylic and mixed media. When I do the occasional pictorial painting, I enjoy working in a small format, which gives me the freedom to focus on the smaller details of life and the world. Sometimes it’s things we hardly notice because they’re so ordinary. Other times it’s the beauty we can’t see because it doesn’t fit our definition of beautiful.

My goal? To see the world with fresh eyes and to share what I see. If someone pauses for a moment to look again, to look deeper, then the painting is a success.

Contributions By Lynne:

Sunrise and Sunset Oil Pastel Paintings

The iCreateDaily Facebook Group is doing a free creativity challenge – 30 “creations” in 30 days. I’m not doing it officially but I did do Day 1 (the prompt was …

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