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About the Creator’s Corridor

Join the Journey!

Need an online website presence…? Or, have a website, but need more traffic?

We host a creator’s community here on, and you’re invited to join us!

You’re a creator.  You want to make your art.  And keep making it… Daily.

You don’t want to spend hours, days, months, or even years trying to figure out all the “internet stuff.”  #NobodysGotTimeForThat.

We know because that was us too. In fact, we began our journey of learning about the online world because we had to. Now we love it and that is a part of our creative journey, but it definitely did not start out that way.

The iCreateDaily Creator’s Corridor, is a passageway from where you are to where you want to go.

Your Work… in the World

Every artist is like a child at heart, and like the child, loves to share their work with others. We can all agree that the world needs more art… more beauty… more creativity. That means more of you/your work… in the world.

We know your struggles, because they were our own. Most creatives do not want to spend time building the business infrastructure and learning the systems needed to present their work in the world. They just want to be free to create.

Creators just want to be free to create.

This is at the heart of what inspired iCreateDaily, a community for creators serious about their art.

The Four Pillars of iCreateDaily:

Creation, Connection, Contribution, Collaboration

This site and community is about all of these, and in particular, about contributing to your ability to do more of the work that matters to you, and less of what doesn’t.

The Invitation:

Join us! Apply to be included in the iCreateDaily Creator’s Corridor of Creatives in Residence. Our goals is to help your business grow.

Benefits to You!

This will be a way for creators to have more of a presence on the web.

Whether you have a website already and just need more traffic and visibility, or, don’t yet have a website, this can benefit you and save you from the hassle of:

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  • •    Hosting costs (if you don’t have a site)
  • •    Website costs (if you don’t have a site)
  • •    Building a website
  • •    Paying for someone to build a website
  • •    Website management
  • •    Needing to stay up on Google’s ranking algorithms
  • •    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • •    Training to get you up and going in using WordPress and writing for traffic
  • •    Making marketing your full time job…
  • •    Includes a free Facebook community for comraderie, help and support

When all you wanted to do was bring your ideas to life!

Our goal is to support you in doing the work you love with the least amount of friction.  

Together we can do so much more. Join us while this offer is FREE!

NOTE: Articles are not essential to be included in the iCreateDaily Creator’s Corridor, however, article content definitely helps your work to be found by Google.

Your Work

Include links to and/or images of some of your work that you’d like to be included in the Creator’s Corridor.

E.g., it can be book links, covers, art images/photos, articles (as example of your writing), Photo/link to your business endeavor, inventions, product creations, etc.

Join us the Creator’s Corridor

… a free platform to help you get from where you are to where you want to be