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The 1%… it’s Your Time to Shine

The 1%

No, not the politicized version. There’s another kind of 1%. The ones who quietly work and write and build and create—often while others play—day in and day out, without certainty as to whether their creation will find its place in the world.

The light does not shine only when someone is looking. Now… is your time to shine.
~LeAura Alderson

The 1%… Dreams and Dreamers

Most people talk about their dreams when they’re young. After awhile, they talk less about them as “life” settles in, and they forget to dream. More importantly, they forget to act on their dreams.

It’s easy to dream, but hard to make it real.

The 1% is really about the percentage of people who do something with what they have… who make more of life than they’ve been given. People who have a vision of who they want to be in the world and the determination to make it real.

The 1%… Extraordinary

If 100 people spend $2000 on a course on how to achieve their dreams, statistics are that only about 10% will even complete the course. Of those 10% (now 10 people out of 100), only 10% will take action and use what they’ve learned. That’s 10% of 10 people… so that’s 1 person.

Just 1 person out of 100, or 1% is likely to take action. Just 1% of those who paid a lot of money for the guidance, will ever do anything with it to change their life and circumstance.

To live an extraordinary life takes extraordinary effort.  ~LeAura Alderson

It’s easier not to. It’s easier IF you are satisfied with being less than you can be… with being less of yourself… with letting your dreams fall by the cluttered wayside of forgotten dreams.

But one thing I know for certain. No one regrets every effort to be more… to become more of their latent destiny… to be the 1% of those who are living their dreams.

Become the vision of yourself you always knew you could be become.
~Tom Bilyeu, entrepreneur, visionary


This is the Time of Your Life

This. Now. Your time. The time of your life.

If you don’t feel or believe this is it, consider how you will never again have this moment. Today, you can pick up your phone, snap a photo of something special and share it with the world in just minutes. You can write a short story and publish it to the world in a day. You can paint a painting and upload it to some of the many resources for creators to sell your work.

The way from where you are to where you want to be, is simple. It may not always be clear, and it will rarely be easy, but it’s always rooted in the same basic principles of doing the work that you love. This is the time of your life… so why not proceed to do the work that matters to you? The how is really quite simple

It’s two simple steps.

  1. Identify what you love
  2. Do that daily

Do something toward your dreams daily. Even 5 minutes doing something around the work that you love to do. That 5 minutes will soon grow into 10 that grows into 20. The more you do the work you love, the more you’ll want to do, and the more you can do.

There has never been a better time in history to pursue work you love. Today the internet places the world at your fingertips. That could mean a world of distraction… or it could mean a world of creation delivered directly to your audience. Today, the only barrier of entry is your willingness to do the work daily, to learn and to persist.

The Internet is the middle man.  ~Gary Vaynerchuk


American Idol—after many years running—is still a popular show. Today’s youth and celebrity culture has created a new kind of American Dream: the dream of being discovered… of being chosen.

We all love the rags-to-riches stories. The rising up and becoming something more at the root of humanity… it’s at the soul of who we are as humans. It is our destiny. Loving more, living more, laughing more, doing more, being more. Through the ebbs and flows of life, in the end it is to have grown more in consciousness, in compassion and in ability. All of it is a part of the creator’s journey.

The rising up and becoming something more is at the soul of who we are as humans. It is our destiny.
~LeAura Alderson

The creator is ever creating and in the creation she is created.  ~LeAura Alderson

But now… you don’t have to wait to be chosen. You don’t have to wait to win. You don’t have to place your fate and your success in the hands of anyone else. Take the reins and rule your rise into the vista of your vision and bring your dreams to life. Give stage to your amazing, creative self. Give wings to your big heart. Give voice to your thoughts and form to your ideas.

Extraordinary begins with the extra ordinary everyday hard work. But aren’t your dreams worth it?
~LeAura Alderson

For some inspiration here is a list of creators whose primary mode of “making it” was through their persistent efforts to publish their work and grow their audience through social channels such as YouTube (YT).

  • Kurt Hugo Schneider (music producer – 7.4million YT)
  • Sam Tsui (singer – 2.5 million YT)
  • Peter Hollens (a cappella singer – 1.4 million YT)
  • Christopher Paolini (Eragon series; originally self-published)
  • Adrian Von Ziegler, composer-musician, 726.8k YT)


The Time of My Life Song

Ode to David Cook, American Idol winner singing The Time of My Life. Sing it with him… belt it out whenever you need a boost and a reminder that this… this time, this place, this moment, is the time of your life. This is your time to do the work to build your dreams.

I’ll taste every moment and live it out loud… this is the time of my life.  ~Regie Hamm, singer-songwriter

If you’re struggling, you may gain inspiration from the video story of how Regie Hamm came to win the song competition that changed his life.

Your time. Your dreams. They won’t happen without you. ~LeAura Alderson


The way from where you are to where you want to be, is simple. It may not always be clear, and it will rarely be easy, but it's always rooted in the same basic principles of doing the work that you love. It's two simple steps.

Life Alchemy – Bringing Your Dreams to Life

For your dreams to come true you have to bring them to life through daily actions. Your dreams won’t happen without you. These are your dreams that can only happen through your work. Your dreams are your life alchemy comprised of the transformation of your blood, sweat  and tears… of the soul-searing birthing of your creativity into reality, day in and day out.


Your dreams won’t happen without you.  ~LeAura Alderson

The definition of alchemy is any magical power or process of transmuting a common substance into a substance of great value. Dreams are a common substance. Having the perseverance to transform them into something more is the rare.


Success is an alchemy of vision, hard work and perseverance.  ~LeAura Alderson

3’x4′ painting, “Starting Over”, by Lynne Hundley @LynneHundleyArtist on Facebook

Every house starts out as a collection of wood, nails, cement and sand. It is the construction, day after day that turns this into a house. It is the family moving in that turns it into a home. That’s an alchemical transformation.



A dream without a plan is just a wish.  ~Tony Robbins

Standing on the land of an empty lot, it can be difficult to picture the completed building. Yet, day by day, piece by piece, sweat by effort, the house gets built. That house becomes the home with a yard, a kitchen with someone cooking dinner… a car in the driveway… a mailbox by the road… a basketball hoop above the garage and a kid and parent hustling each other for the ball, with that steady bounce… bounce… bounce.

That empty lot was transformed by the vision of a contractor, the plan of an architect, and the daily work to bring it to completion. It was brought to life by the love of a family.


Peter Kraayvanger, Pixabay image


Alchemy is the creator’s journey. And in the process of creating, the creator is transformed.
~LeAura Alderson

When you are not yet at the horizon of your dreams, it can seem so distant, so vague… pretentious even. Yet for every “dream-come-true” story, there is a beginning, an empty lot. Your dreams give form to your purpose, and each goal helps to construct that dream into reality. Each action toward your goal is another nail hammering that dream into the density of matter.

You’ve got the plan… you’ve got the tools, now strap on your toolbelt and go! 🌟

You must expect great things of yourself before you can do them. ~Michael Jordan

Start. Sustain. Succeed.   I Create Daily.

No Excuses – Don’t Let Yourself Down

Be Your Own Best Friend

If you feel like you’ve failed, don’t worry. That’s the process. Failure is normal for all growth. If you’re not yet where you want to be, that’s okay. If you’re working on your goals, then you’re probably closer today than you were yesterday or last week. But if not, keep on going and growing. No excuses… no failure… just learning and growth, testing and tweaking.

Never give up on yourself and your dreams. You wouldn’t do that to a friend.
~LeAura Alderson

You would never let a friend down.
You encourage your friends.
You praise your friends.
You love your friends.
Time to ‘friend’ yourself.
– LeAura Alderson

Setting Goals

You’re only one day, one effort away from being closer to your goal.  ~LeAura Alderson

If you’re working in a goals journal or goals list (you can just use a Word or Google Doc), even if you’ve had to revise your original goal—perhaps even more than once—you’re still ahead. Most people never do. Or they set goals but then don’t take actions.

Most people dream without every anchoring those dreams in the reality of daily effort. Your dreams won’t happen without you.
~LeAura Alderson

Setting goals, then taking daily action towards your goal serves to help you refine what your goals are to be versus what you might first think it is. This process of steady refinement and tweaking is super important for progress; in fact it is the nature of all progress. But more than that, daily action toward your goals is the only way to arrive.

Saying your goals out loud brings them to life. Taking action makes them real.
~LeAura Alderson

Making progress each day is the name of the game. You don’t have to have it all figured out beforehand. In fact it’s best that you don’t even try because it’s in the journey that the way becomes more clear.

It’s in the journey that the way becomes more clear.  ~LeAura Alderson

As you start to walk on the way, the way appears.  ~Rumi

No Perfect Plan

Set your macro goal, then break down the daily, weekly and monthly goals and actions to achieving it. Better to reassess each day and each week, and start over if necessary, than to wait for the perfect plan.

The perfect plan doesn’t exist. Entrepreneurship is messy. Journeys are messy… they’re rarely a straight  and clear path… you have to plow through the brambles and make your own. But each time you get off track you get better at getting back on, and you learn more about the nature of the track you need to be on. The more you learn what doesn’t work, the more you’ll come to know what does.

The creative process is a journey of discovery, not a journey of perfection.
~LeAura Alderson

No Excuses

A majority of creatives have identified accountability as their number one need when it comes to achieving their goals. We all understand the reality of struggles. The most successful in life do not employ excuses for not getting things done.

The habit of excuses becomes a way of life. So does the habit of success.
~LeAura Alderson

There will always be people and places to go to for complaining and excusing why you didn’t do this or that. There will always be distractions and catastrophes and mass hysteria at the next horrible thing on the news.

Headlines and sideshows are not the places where winners hang out.  ~LeAura Alderson

We can always find an empathetic friend, or a group of friends who “understand” and sympathize with our troubles. Fewer are the friends who hold you accountable and do not heed your excuses. Seek out the “no excuses” friends and you will get more done.

Remember this famous quote:

“You become the average of the five people you spend the most time around.”
– Jim Rohn

Your success and determination to grow and improve can be a threat to your friends and family. Don’t let them hold you back. The people in your life often undermine and sabotage your progress. It’s unconscious. It’s not intentional malice. It’s just that life will be easier on them if you don’t excel. Your excellence calls them to step up their game and threatens their comfort zones.

It’s a sticky wicket that can keep you stuck with less than you can be. But this is your journey and your happiness depends on it. Hopefully, you will inspire them to do and be more too. But this is why it’s vital to your progress to associate with those who put in the perspiration to propel their aspiration further.

Success demands that you persevere no matter what, and especially when the going gets tough.  ~LeAura Alderson

Excuses do not satisfy the soul.
Excuses do not get the work done.
Excuses keep you from yourSELF.
~LeAura Alderson


Inevitably, you feel better, stronger and more confident when you’ve pushed yourself to do more than you thought you could.


For some, just the act and process of daily journaling is all the accountability they need. For others, joining a kinded group becomes an accountability partner: a public declaration of commitment that creates the structure. For still others, it might be something more, such as an accountability partner. Whatever is it for you, seek it out without delay, then begin daily, methodically, to work through your goals.

Excuse Alley is a dead end street. Steer away from it.  ~LeAura Alderson


Start. Sustain. Succeed. I create daily.

Setting Daily Goals Around Your One Thing

If you have set your quarterly  and monthly goals, you’re working on weekly and daily goals, right? One of the challenges in identifying tasks is that there are always far more to do than time to do them.

Given that, it’s important to ask focusing questions that helps you identify the most important goals, and from there, the most important tasks toward achieving your goals. For that, we use—and recommend—the simple question posited by the book, The One Thing, which asks:

“What’s The ONE Thing you can do—such that by doing it—everything else will be easier or unnecessary?”
~The One Thing book

This uber simple question is a steadily reorienting one that serves to keep bringing the needle of your compass back to your true north. Your true north, in this case is your 90 Day Goal, which is a part of your annual—macro—goal.

But don’t worry, creatives. This does NOT meant that you can’t do more than one thing. However, it does mean that if you want to take your efficiency and success to the next level, the best way for you to get there is to prioritize one thing at a time.

The best way to arrive at your goal is to prioritize one thing at a time.


Setting goals helps you stay on track to achieving them.

Setting Simple Goals

Since everyone has different kinds of business goals, perhaps a more general goal common to many people might help here. Most people can relate to health and fitness, we’ll use a weight loss example.

If your goal is weight loss, and you regularly enjoy an afternoon trip to Starbucks for a venti frappuccino, this could be the one thing you could change to make everything else easier or even unnecessary.

For instance, you may be wanting to keep your diet exactly as it is, and just plan to increase your workout time and intensity. But, if you just replaced your afternoon venti frappuccino that has around 20 teaspoons of sugar, and replace it with a protein shake with almond milk, or fresh fruit smoothie with coconut milk, or even a green juice with coconut water (best option for health), that one change daily will make a significant positive improvement that compounds over time.

Choices compound. Best to compound good ones.

That one positive change per day, will save you calories and health, and likely make it so that you don’t have to increase your workouts to begin to see better results. That’s your one thing for that day or that week.

Once that one thing is a secure habit, you move onto the next “one thing”.

Setting and Expanding Your Goals

Generally, for anything you’re doing, there’s an expanded possibility. For example, if you’re a painter making a goal to enter your paintings to an art conference, you might also consider if you could host an art class there as well.

One of our community members, Eeva Nikunen, of Eeva Nikunen Fantasy Art, did just that. Not only did she attend an art conference earlier this year, but she volunteered to teach an art class breakout session. These may be for free or for fee. Either way, it’s a brand-building opportunity as well as an opportunity to connect more deeply with other artists.

So the bigger thought here isn’t so much about exhibiting your paintings, but rather, it’s about growing your brand. E.g.  “What more could I do there, that will help grow my brand?”

Art ideas
Eeva Nikunen Fantasy Art: Stargazers’ greeting card set includes ‘Heart Of The Night’, ‘The Observer’ and ‘Infinity’ paintings printed on beautiful premium card stock and stickers.


Multi-Purposing Art

If you’re selling paintings, consider creating other items to sell from them. You’re likely aware of some of the many options readily available these days.

Here again, Eeva has done this as well. She has created cards and prints in addition to her original and limited edition prints. She’s also created adult coloring books and a creativity journal. The time to make each painting once, is then leveraged to create many more things. You can see Eeva’s shop offerings here.

Adult coloring book
Eeva Nikunen Fantasy Art: This colouring book takes you on a meditative colouring journey through a starlit elven kingdom.

Your Art Orchard

An artist is building a bank account of her art. The writer is building a safety deposit vault of books that can continue earning for years after the manuscript is done. The wealth continues beyond the one item, and can include opportunities for you to speak, to teach and to connect with and contribute to others.

So when you’re setting your goals, ask yourself if there’s something bigger to aim for. If going bigger seems too hard or scary, don’t worry. Once you’ve developed the habit of setting and achieving goals, it becomes increasingly easier to level up to something bigger. For now, the most important thing is to steadily progress in the direction of your dreams.

Daily steps in the direction of your dreams is a proven path to success.  ~LeAura Alderson


Focusing Goal Setting Questions to Ask Yourself

  1. Where do I want to be in the next 90 days?
  2. What is it that I need to do to get there?
  3. What is the one thing I can do, such that to do it would make everything else easier or unnecessary?*

* Excerpted from The One Thing book and work.

You can achieve your goals, one day, one week, one month at a time. If you need a journal to guide you, check out the iCreateDaily 90 Day Goals Journal.

iCreateDaily 90 Day Goals Journal

Remember to dream big, focus, and create daily!

Where are You with Your Goals for 2018?

Where are you so far in your goals for 2018? Are you where you wanted to be by now? Are you ahead? Are you behind? Have you revised your original goals?

If your answer to any of these questions are about coming up short of where you wanted to be… if even the title of this post causes you to cringe, don’t worry. That’s entirely normal. And, it’s remedial.

If even the title of this article causes you to cringe, don’t worry.

Setting Annual Goals

Where do you want to be a year from now? No matter where in the year you are at this moment in time, today, is the first day of a new year for you.

The new year begins here… now. Getting off track is normal. Getting back on track is too. The thing about working on your goals planning is how that very process helps you grow in your ability to become better at setting and achieving your goals.

Goal setting is about vision, planning, action, tracking, testing and tweaking.

If you do this for even just one quarter, you will get more done and be closer to your annual goals than if you don’t track your macro and micro goals.

For more on setting long term and short term goals, you may enjoy this article.

If you need more on setting annual goals you can dive into that here.

Goals Planner

If you’re not tracking your goals with any system, such as our 90 Days Goals Journal, or John Lee Dumas’s Freedom Journal that tracks 100-day goal cycles in 10-day sprints, then you need to.

Even recording your daily goals on a Google or Word doc will help.

Whatever system you choose, what’s most important is that you’ve got to get your goals out of your head and onto paper.  You can also find a number of great goal setting templates available online for free.

In order to get where you want to go, you must track and assess your goals daily.

Whatever you do, don’t overthink things. Don’t feel like you need to have the perfect plan all figured out. Goal setting is a work-in-progress, especially at first. As with anything, the more you do it the better you get.

The more you do it the better you get.

After awhile, you may even fee that some of it has become repetitive, but like any good habit, that’s normal, and even desirable. You want your good habits to become so habitual and routine that they become second nature. Most of us don’t need reminders about brushing teeth… bathing… shaving… combing or brushing hair. Those are things that we do habitually every day without having to think about it.

You want to get to that place with your goals as well…. where goal setting becomes as habitual as any other daily routine.

You want your good habits to become so habitual and routine that they become second nature.

90 Day Goals

When is comes to setting your annual goal, consider where you want to be… have or have achieved in a year’s time. Then set about identify the top things you can do over the next 90 days that will bring you closer to that goal. That begins the development of your 90 day goals.


30 Day Goals

Where do you need to be in the next 30 days in order to reach 90 day goal/s?

Break down what needs to happen each week, progressively, to get  you to where you want to be by month’s end.


Weekly and Daily Goals

Now you’re getting into the nitty gritty of weekly and daily goals. Remember, goals are your destination. Actions are the steps that get you there.

  1. Now further delineate what you need to do each week to arrive at your monthly goal.
  2. And then identify what you need to do each day to arrive at your weekly goal.

If you work the plan, the plan will work.  ~LeAura Alderson

If you like the layout of these pages, you may be interested in the iCreateDaily 90 Day Goals Journal.


How to Set 90 Day Goals

Do the Work of Your Heart…

…as only you can do!

Goal setting is not only about choosing the rewards you want to enjoy, but also the costs you are willing to pay.  ~James Clear

Most of us creatives tend to always have more on our to do list than is humanly possible to achieve within the time allotted. Likely you can relate? This is the challenge of the intelligent and creative mind.

The good news is that you very likely can do them all; just not all at once. The important thing is to prioritize and then work through your goals, steadily and consistently, in the direction you want to go.

That’s why we created iCreateDaily.

Those who achieve their goals are those who can prioritize, organize and focus on getting things done.

To achieve your goals is to set up a daily and weekly rhythm for doing your art. If you want to get them done, you need to be willing to pay the price, whatever that may be. Remember, these are YOUR goals for you. Not someone else’s. If you’re not willing, then it’s not important enough.

To achieve your goals, you need to schedule them.

Tony Robbins says, “What gets scheduled gets done.”

This is a truism. If you’re working for someone, you show up. Now it’s time to work for yourself. Even if you still have a full time job, in order for the work of your heart to become your full time job, you must show up for yourself.

You must show up for yourself.

Here’s the thing about “paying the price of doing”, i.e., pushing through the challenge… the difficulty… the extra effort… the pain… the ‘don’t want to’s’:

If you don’t pay the price of tuition to your dreams, you will pay the price of regret.

Delaying gratification deposits credits to your future. Delaying doing the work that matters to you, racks up debt that will come due… perhaps too late.

If there’s something you’re procrastinating, just do the thing. Put your butt in the chair and get it done. Don’t argue about it, don’t excuse it… just get it done and you will have no regrets.

Put your butt in the chair and get it done. Devani Alderson

To do the work = no regrets.
To do the work = empowerment.
To do the work = energy.
To do the work = joy.
To do the work = satisfaction.

To delay the work that matters to you is to delay you being more of you.

Do the work of your heart as though your LIFE depended on it. Because it does.
The life that matters to you is set free to be by the work you do even when you’re tired. Even when there are temptations not to. even when you doubt. Even when you fear. Especially then. When you do the work no matter the obstacles in your way, they tend to evaporate like darkness at dawn.

The life that matters to you is set free to be by the work you do.

Our inspiration for the title of this article is Do the Work, by Stephen Pressfield. If you haven’t yet read it, you must. If you have, then read it again… even if it’s just one page daily.

The cost of tuition to your dreams is cheap compared to the debt of regret.

Start. Sustain. Succeed… Create daily!

The Best Slogan Maker for Your Brand

Slogan Makers R Us

If you search Google for the term “slogan maker”, you will come up with around 12 million search results including many apps on page one of automatic slogan generators for up to 1,000 slogans to choose for your business. These seem to be popular with so many people regularly searching this term.

That’s tragic, really.

Would you be eager to do business with a company so disconnected from its purpose and it’s customers as to not be able to describe itself?

Okay… now if that was you… no worries. We get it. Some people just aren’t wordsmiths. Some incredible business owners with brilliant businesses or business ideas may not have the imagination of writers and copywriters to create that special turn of phrase that sounds snappy, gets attention and is easily remembered.

One of our favorite mega successful online entrepreneurs, Gary Vaynerchuk, author of four bestselling books, doesn’t write. Gary is dyslexic, and says he can’t read or write well, so instead he talks his books and a ghostwriter writes and formats the content into an engaging book. That works. That’s a win for Gary and a win for the employed ghostwriter.

So if you feel that writing a meaningful slogan for your brand is beyond you, we get it. For those who believe writing is not their strength, to put together a clever phrase can be as daunting as drawing a picture can be for the self-proclaimed “stick people” sketcher.  That would be me.

It’s too many years since I daily doodled flowers and “Love” on my notebooks and schoolwork. After spending one vacation working hard to sketch a couple different scenes, I decided that while I could get better if I kept practicing, it wasn’t what I wanted to do with my time day in and day out. Now, truly, I can barely draw stick people.

So you haven’t spent time honing your cleverly coined marketing cliches, don’t worry. It will soon be easier for you to do that than for me to draw a pretty picture today.

To help you identify your slogan, first, let’s take the pressure off of trying to sound clever and witty.

You = Tagline Generator

YOU are your best tagline generator. YOU know your business more than any outside company and in particular, better than an automatic slogan maker.

In an article on brand building we walk you through the concept of starting with your “why”.That article complements this one perfectly, so you’ll benefit by reading it as well; in fact, we recommend you head over there, read that, then come back here.1)

But to get your started… consider this:

3 Steps for Brand Building

  1. What do you stand for
  2. Who do you serve
  3. Why are you doing it


4 Steps to Your Slogan

  1. Who is your ideal customer (who)
  2. What problem are you solving (what)
  3. How are you solving it? (how)
  4. Why is it important? (why)

Let’s say you’re an artist selling abstract paintings.

Your answers to that above might be:

  • My ideal customer is someone who:
    • loves beauty and color
    • wants inspiration
    • has the discretionary income invest in art
  • The problem I’m solving is:
    • a room that needs color and decor
    • a soul that needs inspiration and cheer
    • making a room a home
  • I’m solving it by making my art available to the world
  • My work in important because it expresses my soul and inspires others

Now let’s pull out the keywords from this list… those terms that matter to your customer and to you:

  • Beauty
  • Color
  • Decor
  • Design
  • Inspiration
  • Investment
  • Cheer
  • Home
  • Soul

Now we have some terms that we want to put into a slogan. If you enter any of these terms into the automatic slogan generators, here’s an example of what comes back:

slogan generator
Example of an automatic slogan generator for the keyword “art”.


Now… do any of these feel right for your brand? No, of course not! That was the number one Google result for Slogan Makers, but perhaps it’s still not a good one. So we tried another automatic slogan maker using the same word: art, and here’s the one slogan it generated:

“Spearheading art distinction.”

Okay… so that’s a little better isn’t it? But probably still not YOU.

So let’s shuffle the keywords in our list. Remember, we can start with something that sounds good and as we live with it, use it and say it outloud to ourselves, we can refine it.

The origin of the word slogan, is a Scottish battle cry. Wow! It’s come a long way! It makes sense though. For the era, a Scottish battle cry would be what the clan stood for.

Now… your slogan is what you and your company stand for.

So let’s shuffle those keywords:

Beauty, Color, Decor, Design, Inspiration, Investment, Cheer, Home, Soul. 

Scanning these, it’s becomes easier to see words that aren’t as inspiring. “Decor” for example, is bland. “Cheer” is okay, but not great. “Investment” is so broad and tends to represent a dry topic for most. BUT… let’s delve deeper there. What’s behind “Investment” could a patron of the arts… someone who appreciates art and believes in supporting artists. So that word might speak to our customer’s sensibilities and aspirations, so we won’t rule it out but we’ll consider more what’s behind the word rather than use that word itself.

So if this is your list, you’ll just have to have fun making some word games. The operative term here is: HAVE FUN. Make it a game… and experience… and adventure in discovery; not a chore.

Let’s consider an inspiring quote to get us on track:

Don’t fall in love with your product, fall in love with your customer.  Tony Robbins

So… we want to make beautiful art that will touch people. Shuffling the keywords from our list. Remember, you can evolve it as you use it. Sometimes what sounds good in our heads feels awkward said out loud but it moves you forward. So here are a few ideas for our “artist”.

Sample Slogans for an Artist

  • Creating beautiful spaces for beautiful places. 
  • Art for the hearth and home.
  • Art for the heart and soul.
  • Soul art from the heart.
  • Color your life.

We didn’t use most of those exact words in our first list, but we used some of the concepts or feelings invoked. See… that wasn’t so hard to get a much better list going than any automatic slogan generator can create for you… for your art.

Now sure, you could hire a marketing firm that specializes in brand building and slogan making if you have the budget and this is just not your thing. But whether you’re an artist, an author or a chef… employing your creativity to create a statement that sums up your brand can be fun… and simple.

So… carpe diem and give it a go. Invite some friends over for a glass of wine and have a slogan party. You’ll be amazed at what you come up with and no one… no one will care about your brand as much as you do. Your art and craft is YOU. Go make it so with your slogan as well. It’s about you and those you serve.

Enjoy reading this list of famous slogans. See if you recognize them all.

10 Famous Slogans

Excerpted from an article by Lindsay Kolowich on Hubspot.

  1. Nike: “Just do it”
  2. Apple: “Think Different”
  3. Dollar Shave Club: “Shave Time. Shave Money.”
  4. California Milk Processor Board: “Got Milk?”
  5. M&M: “Melts in Your Mouth, Not in Your Hands”
  6. Bounty: “The Quicker Picker Upper”
  7. De Beers: “A Diamond is Forever”
  8. Lay’s: “Betcha Can’t Eat Just One”
  9. General Electric: “Imagination at Work”
  10. State Farm: “Like a Good Neighbor, State Farm is There”

Remember to visit the Brand Building article if you haven’t already.

We’d love to hear your slogan. Please send us an email with your slogan and the link to your site and we may add them both to this list!

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What are You Passionate About?

If you’ve ever struggled to answer the question of ‘what are you passionate about’, don’t worry; you’re not alone. It’s actually more common than you might imagine for people to stumble and stutter when asked this question.

Some people look up and away, clearly trying to access thoughts floating in the ethers that may reveal the answer. Others, pause, and look down and to the side, trying to access a feeling that connects them to their passion. But here’s the odd thing:

We Are Not Trained to Focus on Passion

The majority of people do not know what it is they’re truly passionate about. This seems strange and sad, and yet it’s entirely logical. The 12 plus years of schooling that occupies the bulk of the developmental years has nothing to do with discovering passions from the inside out, and everything to do with cramming information from the outside in.

Don’t blame your parents, or your teachers, or the education system.

It’s no one’s fault. It’s just the growing pains of evolution.

For eons, humanity had to focus on survival. There was not enough widespread freedom to focus on following your heart and discovering your passions. Our parents and grandparents didn’t have the freedom to follow their passions. We do.

Civilization is a giant ship, and though the masses in the developed nations no longer had to worry daily about survival, the societal habit was to continue as we had been. Giant ships turn very slowly, so the ship of society is now beginning to shift toward considering individual strengths and proclivities, but it’s a very slow course correct and the last place it happens is in the largest institutions.

But don’t wait. Don’t wait to embark on the daily journey of doing work that matters to you, even if it begins 5 minutes at a time.

No matter your personal circumstance, you have more freedom today than at any other time in the history of the world, to pursue work you love. The pursuit is up to you.

The Age of Artists and Entrepreneurs

The age of the artist is here again. The new renaissance… the era of the entrepreneur. This is your time.

Today, you are free to pursue your passion and do the work you love.

Smaller, grassroots movements in times of transition are ever that which spring up spry and agile and ready to create something new. We’re seeing this phenomenon everywhere in the world. These movements are spearheaded by entrepreneurs and artists in all genres of creativity.

What creative movement would you start, or join?

If you’re not certain of your passion, that’s normal. You can begin that journey of discovery. Sometimes the absence of connection to passions, especially in the very young, is simply a lack of exposure to enough varied experiences to have happened upon that magical thing that places one in ones zone of genius.

Some orienting questions to keep in mind as you work on cultivating your passions:

  • What brings me joy? (list all things that comes to mind)
  • What am I good at?  (list all things that comes to mind)
  • Circle the items that intersect. I.e., when your joy is also something you’re good at.

You may not know what your passion is yet, but you have to keep asking. It’s okay if you don’t know. It’s not okay if you’re not looking.  ~Jeff Hoffman

If your passion is not evident… if your life goal isn’t clear, don’t worry. It’s rare to see any destination before you arrive. Chances are you know the general direction to head in.

Head for those experiences that reveal joy.

That’s likely your sweet spot or clues to it. So keep asking questions and exploring and here are a couple other articles to help you along the way. Enjoy the journey!

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