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Just a couple years ago, my family used to spend hundreds of dollars a year on audiobooks. My 21 year old son and my 82 year old mother share a love for fiction audiobooks and since they both enjoy fantasy, adventure and thriller genres, they often share audiobooks as well.

As a parent with two dyslexic children, now both adults, audiobooks were a fantastic discovery that exponentialized their “reading”, which significantly improved their vocabulary and ability to understand both the spoken and written word.

Once we discovered podcasts, we were hooked. Hundreds of different kinds of podcasts, resulting in thousands of hours of—often—valuable knowledge and engaging conversations with interesting people, all for free!

But first, in case you’re one of those who haven’t yet discovered the rapidly growing podcast realm… what are podcasts?


What is a Podcast?

Podcasts are the new radio, only better, with little to no commercials.

Podcasts are audio blogs that allow you to listen through audio streaming or downloads to ipod and other digital devices. All smartphones are equipped with a podcast app that is preloaded on your phone, (or else downloadable for free). It’s a lot like logging onto your NetFlix or iTunes or Amazon Prime account for a movie or book, but instead, you can search a library of options available and then access an audio file, called ‘podcast’, usually for free.

Wikipedia says: Podcasting, first known as “audioblogging”, has its roots dating back to the 1980s. With the advent of broadband internet and portable digital audio playback devices such as the iPod, podcasting began to catch hold in late 2004.”1) says: The “pod” of podcast is borrowed from Apple’s “iPod” digital media player; and the “cast” portion of podcast is taken from Radio’s “broadcast” term.2)

While you no longer have to have an iPod branded device to enjoy a podcast, that is the origin of the word, ‘podcast’.

iPod + Broadcast = Podcast


Benefits of Podcasts

With podcasts you:

  • Can choose when you want to listen
  • Can pause, rewind and fast forward
  • Can play at 1.5-2x speed if you’re a fast thinker
  • Experience authors and service providers for rapport before you invest in their book or service
  • Fairly easily start and host your own podcast
  • Get few to no commercials*

* Traditional radio stations tend to have up to 20-50% commercial time, depending on whether it’s music or talk radio. (Talk has more commercials, in part because they have to pay the “talent” and syndications more than the music royalties on music radio. 3)


I listen to podcasts when I’m getting ready in the morning, when cooking, doing laundry, cleaning up, and when getting ready for bed in the evening.

You know the concept of “you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”? Well, with podcasts, you have a chance to expand your “circle” of positive influencers. While you may never meet the podcast hosts, it’s the next best thing to being at “the coffee” or “dinner party” or “presentation” yourself. And, as with these venues, some are better than others.

What’s best for you can also vary by what it is that you’re needing or wanting at any given time. For instance, I’m uber focused on creating online businesses, and creating content for our websites and podcast. So while I enjoy many different kinds of podcasts, right now I’m focused on a few hyper relevant ones.

We enjoy podcasts and connecting with inspiring creators so much that we created our own podcast: iCreateDaily Podcast.

Whether you’re a writer, visual artist, blogger, entrepreneur or any other kind of creator, there’s bound to be some best podcasts for you.

We highly recommend tuning into relevant podcasts to help you focus on your business and creative goals. Toward that, here is a list of some of our favorites which we will update periodically. There are naturally some podcasts that belong under more than one heading, and in those cases we placed it under the heading that seemed to us most relevant.

Please let us know your favorite podcasts and we’ll be sure to check them out and they may end up on this list.


Best Podcasts for Artists

Best Podcasts for Creatives

Best Podcasts for Writers

Best Podcasts for Entrepreneurs

  • Profit, Power, Pursuit with Tara Gentile a Creative Live partner, Tara is a brilliant dynamo and packs powerful gold nuggets into every episode.
  • EOFire with John Lee Dumas – great variety of creative entrepreneurs from all facets of business and the arts. Some say this podcast is formulaic, because of the repetitive structure of all of the podcasts, where every guest answers the same question, however, it is the one way that host, John Lee Dumas has been able to accomplish a daily podcast, (yes, DAILY!) since 2012. He’s now considered one of THE top podcast experts, and offers a number of free courses on podcasting as well.
  • Freedom Fastlane with Ryan Moran – Ryan is an amazing success story in the eCommerce world. Ryan made his first millions selling yoga mats on Amazon before he was 29 years old. Today Ryan runs a multi million dollar company with many facets, from running businesses, to partnering in them; from coaching entpreneurs to hosting one of the most successful entrepreneur conferences in the world, Freedom Fastlane, now known as The Capitalism Conference.
  • Self Made Man with Mike Dillard – More than for just men, this podcast features a wide array of successful entrepreneurs with interesting stories and helpful perspectives to anyone with a desire to grow big business. Even if you’re not planning on growing your own empire, by listening to those who have, it helps to inspire and motivate you to do more than you thought possible.

Best Podcasts for Business & Marketing

(Because we have to sell what we create, right?!)

Best Podcasts for Motivation

  • Gary Vaynerchuk (caution, expletives abound, but Gary delivers great kick-you-in-the-booty content to keep you fired up)
  • Lewis Howes – Lewis is an authentic, genuine, gentlemanly good guy. He picked himself up off the sofa and turned his fate around by taking action and doing it daily.
  • Tony RobbinsWe’ve followed Anthony Robbins for years now. He’s always charges us up with his dynamic messages on personal power.

You know the saying: You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. So find good friends, both virtually and in locally, who will help you rise into your dreams, because that’s what they’re focusing on.

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